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“The most important thing about a technology is how it changes people.”

Why Technology Matters in Moving & Warehousing

Buehler Using Technology in Warehouse and Moving

Let’s make this simple. Customers today expect one click shipping, visibility, accurate tracking, and easy. The only way to accomplish this is through technology that is implemented correctly and used properly. The only way to stay ahead of customer expectations is to constantly research, beta test, and push technology suppliers to focus on new processes and hardware.

The amount and different types of product that Buehler touches per day is mind boggling. Household goods moves, hotel and hospital projects, decommissioning services and so on generate thousands of pieces that have to be tracked by piece and per customer. This is all accomplished with handheld devices loaded with multiple types of inventory and logistics software and used by highly trained team members that are communicating via cellular or WiFi back to web-based systems. Not so simple when you think about it but really cool watching it work.

The Buehler Difference

In Office

Buehler used the latest move management, warehouse management, logistics, accounting and human resources software which enables us to operate as efficiently as possible. Plus, this gives us the ability to integrate when needed to outside customer and vendor systems for seamless data transfer.

Buehler employee working in office
Buehler employee training

Training & Implementation

A system is only as good as its users. Buehler understands this and takes time to beta test, train and follow-up through the system implementation process. Plus, our open-door support policy allows user to get more training when needed.


If users cannot use the technology or if they get stuck performing their duties, then the process will likely stop. This is why Buehler thoroughly tests all new technology by shadowing small groups or individuals and walking through the steps to perform the task. Buehler has made may screen, flow and process enhancements by working with our vendors closely. This insures usable and that our customers get accurate data when we handle their goods.

Buehler employee using technology
Buehler Warehouse management system

Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Buehler uses the latest in barcoding technology, iPad Mini’s, and connectivity systems to ensure information gets to where it needs to go. Customer profiles and data collection requirements are setup per customer so that our warehouse teams are walked through the process. Customers can then view all their goods online, complete with pictures, or be sent their data so that they can use their own systems. Either way, Buehler is setting the example of customer data collection in the industry.

Logistics, Last Mile and Routing Systems

By using the latest advancements in our trucks and web-based logistics systems, our team members are routed to exactly where they need to be. Team leaders are equipped with cellular iPads and connected to systems that allow them to perform most if not all their duties right on the handheld device. Our sales, dispatch, operations and customer service teams are always in direct connect with our team members to ensure our standards of quality are being met.

Buehler logistic system

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