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Buehler Renewal is a sustainability concept that began in the commercial services side of the business.  As commercial customers move out of spaces, many leave behind office furniture and supplies such as chairs, desks, cubicles, office supplies, and kitchen/breakroom supplies that can be re-used for many different organizations, small businesses trying to get started or even home offices.  The choice in many of these projects is this – either take everything to the dump or look at different ways to donate the items.  

Buehler Renewal is all about the latter.  The pandemic flooded the used furniture market basically stalling that source to turn too.  Unfortunately, trashing perfectly good items has turned in to the norm as a result.  Buehler wants to decrease this trend by offering items to our sources at a fraction of the cost or no cost at all.

We all need to look at sustainability and make it part of our lives and businesses.  At Buehler, it’s been part of our culture for years now.  Buehler Renewal is just amping it up. 

Our Sources

Companies & Organizations Right Sizing = Surplus Supplies and Furniture

A majority of Buehler’s business is helping companies and organizations create the perfect environment for their employees and customers.  Offices, hotels, hospitals, schools always need to improve their space and  they call Buehler to help them.

This “right sizing” creates a huge amount of surplus which our customers sometimes sell, donate or unfortunatly take to the dump becasue there is just no where else to put it.  

Buehler partners will non-profits, school districts, and special organizations that make a difference in our community.  We not only want to keep your items out of the dump, we want others to benefit from your generosity.   

Other sources we inquire about frequently are school teachers on GoFundMe.  Buehler believes no teacher should have to beg for supplies so we are constantly reaching out to them to help with their needs.

Buehler Renewal

How it works

Step 1- Contact Buehler

A Buehler Salesperson will survey and inventory the area, take pictures, and capture information about the product.  Also at they time, the salesperson will be able to give you options on what can be donated, sold, stored, or taken to the landfill.    

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Buehler Renewal

Step 2 – Planning for Pickup

Buehler team members will deliver cartons and moving supplies to your organization.  These can be used for separating small, like items for the next step.  Of course, your larger items will be handled by a Buehler team member with proper equipment.  

Step 3 – Deinstallation/Decommission

Buehler’s crew will deinstall the existing area and removes all furniture, fixtures and cartons.  All donated and stored items are separated, loaded on a truck and taken to our 300,000 soft warehouse.  

Buehler Renewal
Buehler Posting

Step 4 – Posting & Connecting

The Buehler Technology Department will determine the best way to show off your items depending on your needs.  We use several different tools and platforms to make sure your product is seen by as many parties as possible. 

If needed, we can hide items behind passwords so only parties given access can view the items.

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