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The moving industry has changed since in the past 30 years. Moving companies have become full project management firms who specialize in everything from hotel, hospital, museum, library, college, data center, and of course office and company relocations.

While the trucks and warehouses are still there, technology, specialized project managers, trained crew members have enhanced your typical moving company.

Buehler is on the forefront of this evolution. We are part of the Commercial Relocation Network, only Mayflower Agent in Colorado, represent United Van Lines, and have four full-service locations in Colorado, New Mexico and Texas.

We are a long way from being just a household good mover. Let us and our network help you with your next specialty project.

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Technology is at the forefront of everything we do. We use it for communication, visibility, dashboards, and tracking. Partnering with Buehler for your next project will ensure that you are always “up-to-speed” on everything we are performing for you.

Companies change, processes change, environments change. Buehler’s agile approach to project management allows for opportunities to improve at every step a long the way.

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Teamwork is at the core of our culture at Buehler, and it shows in our work. The diversity and experience of our team members allows for seeing things differently from a variety of perspectives.

The Commercial Relocation Network is a group of commercial movers who have standardize practices and procedures. The group can then execute larger projects and deliver results as if you were dealing with just a single company. Plus, all the members of the group need to meet certain quality standards in order to be a member. These standards shine through in every project performed.

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We can mange local, statewide, regional, national of worldwide projects because of our network of resources. We have the ability to pick agents and service providers based on what service they excel in so this brings the best of the best for your individual project.

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