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Military & DP3 Initiatives

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“You can count on us to go the extra mile. At Buehler, every customer is family.”

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All of Buehler’s locations are military approved and half of our sites are located close to bases. In these sites, most of our business is military relocations, storage, or projects.

We work close with bases and military carriers worldwide to ensure your move happens efficiently and timely. This happens by crew members that are background checked, newer equipment and storage facilities that are regularly inspected so they exceed the guidelines set forth by the government.

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Military Move? It’s What We Do.

Choosing Buehler

Buehler has the credentials, experience, equipment and coverage to assure you have a worry-free transition. With Buehler, you won’t be caught off guard or have to worry about common moving nightmares. As we pack your precious belongings, you’ll feel confident that they’ll arrive safely. We pride ourselves on being more than a moving company. Our goal is to partner with you – every step of the way. We recognize moving can be an emotional experience.

  • We provide a firm, accurate and guaranteed estimate in writing
  • We assign you a personal coordinator who oversees your move from beginning to end and communicates with you throughout the entire process
  • We have tracking on our website for interstate moves so you know exactly where everything is
  • We only deploy crews who are extensively background checked and trained with more than 200 hours of classes and tests to pack and move your belongings with the utmost care and quality
Department of Defence USA

All Buehler warehouses are inspected and approved by the Department of Defense.

Buehler's Military Moving Service

During Your Move with Buehler

We offer a range of services that help make your long move an exceptional experience.

  • Moving checklist so nothing is missed
  • Delivery of packing materials and moving supplies
  • Free 30 used cartons
  • Packing and unpacking services
  • Crating and uncrating services
  • Appliance disconnect and reconnect
  • Loading and unloading services
  • Storage at origin
  • Storage at destination
  • Local or Interstate transportation
  • Maid service at origin and destination
    • Carpet cleaning at origin and destination
  • Automobile transport
  • Animal transport
    • How to move with pets and resources for that
  • Piano moving
    • Bulky items services
  • Change of address forms and directions
    • Local school information and ratings
    • Neighborhood information (including neighborhood
    watch information)
  • Videos and articles on website on how to pack certain items
    that may be hard to pack, unloading, uncrating,
    reassembling, appliance installs, inspections,
    remove/dispose of packing materials, transport of items
    up/downstairs, designer or architect.

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