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Piano Storage THE EASY WAY Schedule Your Move

Music is not to hear, it is to listen. We listen.


Piano Storage Move

With Buehler Moving, our skilled team can move and store your Grand Piano, Standard Upright, or anything in between skillfully and safely. Our state-of-the-art storage facilities will ensure your piano is protected from outside elements. Contact Buehler today to find out more about our piano storage solutions.

Do you remember that iconic scene popular in 80’s movies where a team of movers is attempting to hoist a piano out the window of a 6th floor walk-up somewhere on the Upper Eastside, when the piano breaks free and plummets to the ground landing on a brand new Mercedes? We guarantee that will never happen to your piano with Buehler moving.

Get your Piano Storage Move going today!

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Making It Easy

Buehler is equipped with a multitude of flexible and secure storage and warehousing solutions. Whether you need to store household items until your new house is built or your business is outgrowing its space and you need to store equipment offsite, we’ve got the right solution to fit your budget. No job is too big or too small, and we have the expertise and tools to handle everything from furniture and office records to automobiles and fine art and wine.

Buehler Moving - Storage Boxes
5 Stars

Buehler Co. offered a great experience. Their staff is professional and courteous. I had a small move from one end of town to the other and some very old furniture to have moved. Raul and his crew took extra care and everything arrived safely. They were polite and ready to handle any concerns I had. Not only will I use them again but would recommend them to anyone for their moving needs.

– Jon Holland


Our Commitment to Community.
We Care.

At Buehler Companies we believe that “without a sense of caring, there can be no sense of community.”– A. D’Angelo.

For us, community starts at home with earnest respect for all of our team members and clients. And we support these amazing organizations that make life better in our communities and for our citizens.

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