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Decommissioning, Dedensification, & Downsizing

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The pandemic changed everything. We can help.

Recent events showed us that we need to work smarter, better and more efficiently. While things might go back to “normal” in a couple years, most business analysis say different.

Fortunately, Buehler has decades of experience in helping companies “right-size” their businesses. In fact, office moving is the largest part of our business and continues to grow. We have the trained crew members, specialized equipment, and experienced project managers to help make your consolidation go as smooth as possible.

Buehler's approach to pandemic

Let Us Help You Right Size Your Business

The overwhelming detail and responsibility of an “right sizing” generates a lot of stress, to say the least. Then there’s the additional pressure of downtime, which goes right to your bottom line.
The overwhelming detail and responsibility of an “right sizing” generates a lot of stress, to say the least. Then there’s the additional pressure of downtime, which goes right to your bottom line.
Buehler Sizing Business for you

Our thorough, detailed up-front planning saves both time and costs. Some of the additional measures we take to increase the efficiency of your move include:

  • Scheduling after-hours moving services and providing online project management for larger moves
  • Packing items into totes and crates on wheels, which saves money on boxes, makes your move faster and more efficient, and is good for the environment
  • Protecting walls, covering floors, and using proper signs to quickly lead crews to the right place without damaging the premises
  • Assigning moving numbers, handling work stations and cubicles, pull back of data and doing a clean sweep of your entire office before the landlord review
  • Providing crane service with a certified specialist when moving extremely heavy items
  • Providing special handling and care for high value or delicate electronic equipment, including building custom pallets and crates for individual items, and using anti-static bubble wrap and shrink wrap to protect internal components
Buehler's Decommission of Furnitures

Decommission of Furniture

Are you paying for too much space? Is home office allowing you to shrink your current footprint? Buehler can help by allowing you to reduce your square footage by using our warehouse to reallocate your goods for other uses. These might include: Offering goods to employees for their home offices, denotation programs, selling on marketplaces, or recycling.

Recycle & Marketplace Services

Are you looking to downsize and wondering what your going to do with all your furniture? Our network of professional furniture re-sellers, marketplace suppliers, recycling firms, and donation providers can help. Plus, it’s the right thing to do to keep usable goods out of the landfills. Buehler’s team can setup any type of program you wish to help you in your downsizing.

Buehler Recycle and Market replace
Buehler's Property Pass and Employee Management

Employee Property Passes & Inventory Management

Do you know what your employees are taking home? Do you have a handle on what you own? Are you properly insured? These are questions that can be easily answered by allowing Buehler to implement an asset management program using our specialty software which includes pictures of all your goods. The system also allows for Employee Property Passes so you’ll know who has what items.

Cost Effective Storage Solutions

Our state-of-the-art facilities allows us to offer storage that is less expensive than public storage facilities, plus offer storage management services if needed. Services like: padding, shrink wrapping, palletize or containerize, climate control, pickup & delivery and more.

Buehler's storage solution
Buehler's Packing and labling

Packing & Labeling Services

How do you prepare for a move with your employees working from home? Buehler’s labeling and packing services allows for an easy, hassle free move by supplying the labor and know how to pack up offices and cubicles into movable totes. Color coded labeling allows for easy visual identification of all employee’s belongings and site plans ensure all totes are moved efficiently.

Curb Side Pick-up Using Office Totes

Employees are needing furniture and supplies for home offices but need to return it when finished. Buehler offers moving services around this type of request by scheduling times around pick-up/delivery and using office totes with wheels to easily relocate items. This saves you money and lessens the burden on employees by getting them what they need to work quickly and safely.

Buehler's curb-pickup
Work Coordination

Return to Work Coordination

Returning to work can be challenging with equipment, setup, coordination, and social distancing. Buehler works with coordinators and project managers to put processes and procedures in place so that all employees can concentrate on their jobs and not their health and safety of the move. This means “back to work” faster which increase the health of your business.

Remote Office Support Services

Where we work might change but business still needs to happen. Buehler offers services which allows for office pickup, disconnect, delivery, setup and reconnect of all office equipment and supplies. Our crews are trained for office and household goods which allows us to transition from working in a corporate environment to residence environment quickly and easily.

Buehler Moving Supplies Racking

Moving Supplies

Buehler is full -service supplier for all your commercial or household moving equipment or packing needs. We carry a full array of professional equipment, cartons, and packing supplies that can be used for any type of moving, warehousing, storage and trucking needs.

We also offer used cartons at a fraction of the cost of new. This not only saves you money, but it helps us recycle cartons from past moves before they go to a cardboard recycle.

Buehler Moving Supplies Misc
Buehler Moving Supplies Carts
Buehler Moving Supplies Crates

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