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How to relocate during a pandemic Part 4 residential

How to Relocate During a Pandemic (Part 4) – Afraid of Germs? Discover How Buehler’s Unpacking Helpers Protect Your Family With These Unpacking Services

To truly protect your family against the risk of contamination, you need unpacking helpers who will provide CDC compliant unpacking services.

Professional Unpacking Services

By the last leg of any big move, you’d be exhausted.

Moving during a pandemic is not your ordinary big move. 

If you’re already dreading this last step, outsource it!

As we mentioned in part 1 of this series, “A Family Relocation Plan Created By Our Family Relocation Consultants,” Buehler is a full service moving company, that includes unpacking services.

Perhaps it’s more accurate to say, move-in services. 

Unpacking Helpers

Shipping containers, plastic totes, boxes, shrink wrapper, bubble wrapped… 

…most of your property is a container or packaging cart.

Despite best efforts, property (and it’s packaging) could have come in contact with Covid-19 throughout the moving process.

“Studies suggest that coronaviruses … may persist on surfaces for a few hours or up to several days.”

The duration may vary based on different conditions, such as the type of surface, temperature, or humidity of the environment.

Unpacking helpers use gloves and masks and avoid touching their eyes, mouth, or nose.

Unpacking helpers clean all surfaces with disinfectant to kill the virus to protect your family. 

Not only can we arrange to have your shipment unloaded and unpacked safely, we can also:

  • ensure your new home is clean before your stuff is unpacked.
  • remove all the boxes, bubble wrap, etc., so you don’t have a pile of potentially germy trash lying around your house.

Contact our customer service team to learn more. 

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