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How to Move During a Pandemic (Part 2)

How to Move During a Pandemic (Part 2) – Buehler Will Help You Move

Buehler Will Help You Move to a New Office Location With These Moving Safety Tips

Need to move your company to a new office location? With decades of experience and thousands of happy customers, Buehler Companies is a trusted name when it comes to office moving tips and moving safety tips!

Office Moving Tips

In part 1 of this series, “This Office Move Plan will Help Your Move Coordinator Reduce Risk Factors,” we provided tips on creating an office move plan.

Those tips addressed things like:

  • Packing
  • Scheduling Movers
  • Temporary Storage
  • Cleaning

But perhaps the most critical office moving tip…

…ensure that come move day, your moving company is using CDC approved protocols.

CDC Moving Safety Tips

When it comes to move day, you need complete confidence that your moving company is up to date on CDC moving safety tips. 

Rest assured, Buehler is taking CDC recommendations very seriously.

Buehler President and GM, Scott Luedke, explains,

Here is what we are doing:

  • Behind the scenes and on-site, we are observing the 6ft rule for social distancing.
  • We are using an industrial hospital-grade germicide cleaner (Betco ph7q) to wipe down all the high touch surfaces in our offices, our trucks, and our customers’ offices.
  • The spray bottles are cleaned and refilled daily.
  • We wash and refresh all cleaning rags daily.
  • Our movers are wearing gloves and observing hygiene best practices.
  • We’re providing our movers and our customers with information about moving as an essential service to make sure they can travel without delays due to objection by the authorities.

We have even gone so far as to take apart and wipe down individual aspects of work stations, such as the computers themselves.”

But we won’t stop there. 

Arriving at Your New Office Location

We are also working with our customers to ensure their new office locations are safe and secure.

In part 4 of this series, “Container Unloading Methods You Can Use to Protect People Against Risk of Contamination,” we’ll discuss container unloading methods that help reduce these risks. 

For example, you can invest in a professional unpacking service. 

And while we truly are doing everything in our power to keep your staff and customers safe, as we said before…

… we are in this together!

That means we do need your help!

In part 3 of this series, “Educating Your Staff About Safe Relocation Best Practices is an Important Part of Your Commercial Office Move,” we’ll get you the information you need to keep your people safe in transit and reduce their risk of exposure to Covid-19.

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