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Moving during Pandemic

How to Move During a Pandemic (Part 1) – This Office Move Plan Will Help Your Move Coordinator Reduce Risk Factors

To keep people and communities safe amidst this pandemic, we have to stick together!

At Buehler Companies, this means getting business owners – like you – the information they need to create a sound office move plan. A plan that will help your company’s move coordinator oversee safe office move management. 

Have an Office Move Coordinator

The first thing you should do to ensure safe office move management is to assign someone the role of office move coordinator.

This person should look to Buehler’s relocation professional to help when it comes to developing and implementing the office move plan.

The usual details like packing, scheduling movers, arranging for temporary storage, cleaning pre and post-move day, etc. 

…all these things still need to be done, but with extra careful attention to detail.

Creating a CDC Compliant Office Move Plan


Your Office Move Coordinator will want to review timeless packing best practices

However, this is not the time to save money on salvaged packing supplies. Your office move coordinator will want to buy new – never used – these supplies.  For example, Buehler can provide your company with clean plastic totes for packing.

Take extra care to ensure boxes and other packing materials are clean – not contaminated – upon arrival at your office. Conduct due diligence to ensure that vendors are following CDC standards

Your office move coordinator will also want to research and train staff on packing best practices. A Buehler relocation consultant can be available to provide a packing instruction session for your team.

For germ-free packing, it’s crucial to follow the correct steps.

Ensure that best practices are followed by providing your team with a packing checklist.

Scheduling Movers

Good news, moving companies are considered essential businesses. 

Best practice, under usual circumstances, is to schedule your moving company four to six weeks ahead of time.

Scott Luedke, our President and GM, explains, 

“To keep customers and employees safe, Buehler Companies is taking extra precautions leading up to and on move day.”

Expect things to take a bit longer than usual. Plan ahead. 

Arranging for Temporary Storage

The need for temporary storage is not unique to moving during a pandemic. What is unusual is the ways customers are using storage.

For example, Luedke says, 

One of our long-distance drivers was going to New York when the shipment’s owner got sick. Right away, we redirected the shipment to one of our temporary storage locations for quarantine.”

Around the world, situations like this are happening every day. As a result, storage is less available and more important. 

At Buehler, our customer service representatives and move coordinators are educating people about the benefits of planning ahead when it comes to temporary storage


Sure, you’d expect to clean your office space once everything is moved out. 

However, the CDC is recommending companies to;

“Perform routine environmental cleaning and disinfection procedures…” 


“Perform enhanced cleaning and disinfection after persons suspected/confirmed to have COVID-19 have been in the facility…”

Arrange for deep cleaning before packing, before movers arrive, and after movers leave.

Creating a cleaning checklist is a great idea. 

Safe Professional Office Move Management

As you can see, there is a lot to think about when it comes to reducing risks associated with moving during a pandemic. 

That’s tons of pressure to put on an office move coordinator.

Remember when we said we are all in this together? We meant it! 

Especially now, Buehler is here to help your company execute a safe, successful move.

Our customer service team is standing by to help. Not only do we have the custom answers to your unique move-related questions…

…we have all the goods and services you need. 

Consider us your full-service one-stop-shop.

We offer CDC compliant packing, cleaning, transportation, storage, and unpacking services to help your company reduce risk.

(Check out part 2 of this series, “Buehler Will Help You Move to a New Office Location With These Moving Safety Tips”, to learn more.)

In the meantime, contact Buehler and start creating your custom office move plan today!

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