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Moving Out of your Parent's House Part 2

Moving Out of Your Parents’ House (Again) Part 2: Tackling Moving Day 

After months of meticulous planning, the time has finally come for moving out of your parents house. Today is the day you will make the big move out of your parents’ house (again) happen.

Navigating Moving Day

With the finish line in sight, follow these 7 best practices to ensure that moving out of your parents house goes smoothly!

Moving Day Best Practice No. 1 – Get an Early Start

For your movers and your friends, there is nothing worse than arriving prepared to help, to find that you are still packing or worse, sleeping.

Set your alarm clock, making sure to leave yourself ample time to rise and shine before your moving day helpers arrive. 

Moving Day Best Practice No. 2 – Make Sure Your Phone is Charged 

If you’re being completely honest, your life could probably benefit from less screen time, but come moving day you’ll need your phone.

Ideally, you’ll have charged your phone overnight. However, if you wake up to find your phone low on battery, plug it in pronto. Assuming you followed the pro tips in part 1 of this article series, your charger should be easily accessible in your handy essentials bag.

Moving Day Best Practice No. 3 – Keep Sandwich Baggies and Tape Near By

Even the most precise packing plans are like to result in random odds and end turning up last minute. This is especially true if you are deconstructing furniture.

Keep sandwich baggies and tape on hand.

As mentioned in Part 1 of this series, keep like with like. For example, if you are deconstructing furniture, place all nuts, bolts, screws for a certain piece in one bag and tape that bag to the furniture. This will make reconstruction run smoothly!

Moving Day Best Practice No. 4 – Be a Good Host

Moving requires a lot of energy and the physical effort can cause dehydration.

Sure your movers could stop for a lunch break off-site.

Or perhaps you could offer them a glass of water or any old thing outta the fridge, but think about the mess this will leave behind (for your parents to clean up).

Good news, there’s a better way!
Provide your moving team with snacks and water. It’s easy enough to buy a case of water and stock up on some high energy snacks. Everyone will appreciate the attention to detail.

Some snack ideas include:

  • protein bars
  • nuts
  • string cheese
  • fruit

Moving Day Best Practice No. 5 – Review Proper Lifting Techniques

If you haven’t hired a team of professional movers, take a moment to review lifting best practices with your friends. Failure to lift boxes the right way can result in injury.

Don’t take unnecessary risks.

Remind your friends…

if a box if too heavy to lift alone or you’re nervous about navigating stairs, ask for help!

An injury can derail your whole moving plan and the negative impact will linger for days or weeks after. 

Moving Day Best Practice No. 6 – Don’t Forget The Final Walkthrough

Before you start the car and head over to your new home, do a final walkthrough. Open cabinets, look inside closets and check any outdoor spaces as well. 

Moving Day Best Practice No. 7 – Have Cash to Tip Your Movers

No, tipping your movers is not “required”, but that’s exactly why tips are greatly appreciated!

Once you finally reach that finish line and everything has been unloaded into your new home, it’s time to tip your movers.

$20/mover is a good amount. Best to dispense tips to each mover individually vs handing a $100 bill to the personal move coordinator.

If you had a team of friends helping, make sure to offer them a token of gratitude as well!

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