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Improving Patient's Experience

Improve the Patient Experience At Your Hospital With Technology

Improving patient experience is one of the upsides of hospital move. Why? With change in the air, it’s the right time to consider how important updates to your hospital’s technology can improve patient care.

Your team can dispose of old technology while also arranging for the successful delivery of new equipment.

Not planning a hospital move? It’s still a great idea to consider updating your technology!

Paul Cooper of the Forbes Technology Council explains that technology is, 

“Opening up better lines of communication between patients and clinicians… reducing Potential medical errors… [and] expanding care access.”

Let’s take a look at how…

Electronic Health Records (EHR)

Well-organized EHRs have transformed the way hospitals can tap into and make use of data. This helps doctors make better diagnoses and recommend the most effective treatment plans. EHRs also make it easier to transfer records from one provider to another. This gives patients confidence that all their care providers are on the same page. 

Virtual Reality

Of course, a huge part of improving patient experience is staying on the cutting edge. To do this, and maintain licensure, the medical workforce must have access to constant continuing education training. Historically, training has been conducted using cadavers or by shadowing superiors. These training methods have obvious downsides. Virtual reality offers hands-on training simulations. These are more dynamic than cadavers and result in better bedside manners. 

Patient Portals

Patients can now access their medical information remotely. This gives them more autonomy. Medical portals have also been shown to reduce the number of office visits. This reduces the cost of medical care, delighting patients and ultimately improving the patient experience.

Healthcare Apps

Healthcare, there’s an app for that! Mobile apps are now a common feature in hospital cultures and in the medical industry as a whole. Some examples of use include:

  • appointment reminders
  • blood pressure monitoring
  • insulin level monitoring
  • on-site navigation for in-person visits

Apps have the delightful ability to make the most commonplace activities feel exciting. This reality encourages patients to make their wellness a top priority. Anything you can do to get patients excited about their health will have a positive impact on the patient experience.

Analytics for Research

When it comes to the future of healthcare, technology helps researchers collect and analyze important data better than ever before. Data collected about patients helps researchers study:

  • best courses of treatment
  • readmission statistics
  • genetic predispositions

The list goes on! This important information can be used for improving the patient experience.

Operational Efficiencies

Deloitte explains “Digital supply chains, automation, robotics, and next-generation interoperability can drive operations management and back-office efficiencies.”

Healing and Wellness Design

Leadership must also consider how the hospital environment impacts healing, overall wellness, and the patient care experience. 

Hospital executives need to integrate technology, beyond investing in high-tech “medical” equipment,  into the hospital’s core architecture and interior design plans. This, of course, is best done during a hospital move! 




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