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Moving Big and Heavy Equipment

Moving Your Big & Heavy Equipment? What Moving Companies Recommend

Does your company need to move heavy equipment? Then it’s worth taking a moment to see what the heavy equipment moving companies recommend!

Pulling together the right resources ahead of time will make the move way less stressful. 

Step 1: Have a Plan for Moving Big Equipment

First things first, identify the heavy equipment moving company you want to work with!

Working with a reputable company, like Buehler, gives you access to a personal move coordinator and important moving equipment. 

Step 2: Tools for Moving Heavy Equipment

It’s important to use the right tools for the job.
For example, your move might require one or a few of the following:

Step 3: Create a Clear Move Timeline

Now that you have a strong plan. You need a well-organized timeline.
When does the equipment need to arrive at the new location?
How long will the transportation process take?

Once you know this information, you can work backwards to identify the right move start day.

Keep in mind that heavy machinery, especially wide loads, may travel slower than the average parcel. 

Safely moving your equipment may also be subject to inclement weather, snow or high winds for example. So leave a buffer for unexpected delays. 

Step 4: Prepare Heavy Equipment for the Move 

Check the equipment manufacturer’s manual. This will include detailed suggestions on how to safely move the equipment. You want to avoid accidents at all costs. 

For example, do you need to:

  • disconnect batteries
  • secure loose parts
  • empty the engine fluids

Be meticulous and follow the manual instructions precisely!

Step 5: Obtain the Necessary Permits 

Depending on the type of heavy equipment you are moving, you may need to obtain a permit. Your moving company can usually help you navigate this process. 

Step 6: Understand the Budget

Moving big equipment can come with big fees. Do your due diligence to avoid any surprise expenses. Knowing the precise amount of money required to execute the move successfully is very important. 


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