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Hospital Relocation Checklist

Hospital Relocation Checklist – How to Plan for a Successful Well-Organized Move

Is your hospital considering or preparing for an important hospital relocation? Then you are in the right place! 

While our customers enjoy personalized hospital relocation services, we incorporate certain professional best practices into every single hospital relocation plan.

Below you will find a precise and well-organized hospital relocation checklist. Use this simple resource to plan and execute a successful well-organized move! 

Hospital Relocation Step 1: Operational Planning 

NOTE: These items will be specific to your hospital; Considered in addition to the other sections of the checklist.

  • Review the status of ongoing operations.
  • Determine the important change management activities required for a safe and timely transition (specific to your hospital and beyond what is listed below).
  • Identify the right leaders to oversee all change management activities. 
  • Create a high-level detailed schedule for all relocation specific operations (specific to your hospital and beyond what is listed below).
  • Identify the right leaders to manage all relocation-related timelines. 
  • Determine the best way to orient staff to the new location as quickly as possible (specific to your hospital and beyond what is listed below).
  • Identify the right leaders to oversee new facility orientations. 
  • Determine the hospital’s relocation budget.
  • Identify the right leaders to oversee the relocation budget.
  • Determine the best way to notify the community about the hospital’s relocation plans. 
  • Identify the best spokesperson to communicate with the community about the hospital’s relocation plans. 

Hospital Relocation Step 2: Inventory Reports

  • Conduct an inventory report for each hospital department.
  • Produce corresponding department-specific inventory checklists for use in successful packing, moving, and unpacking.
  • Arrange for consolidation of redundant or outdated inventory.
  • Arrange for donation or sale of unwanted inventory.

Hospital Relocation Step 3: I.T. Handling

  • Review all software and hardware currently in use.
  • Back up of all files prior to the move day.
  • Safely and securely pack all hardware for relocation.
  • Setup and reboot of all hardware upon arrival at the new facility. 
  • Check to ensure software and files have been preserved or reinstalled effectively. 

Hospital Relocation Step 4: Waste Management

  • Conduct a waste inventory to account for anything being left behind on move day.
  • Contact your local waste management service provider to ensure effective and timely waste removal services.

Hospital Relocation Step 5: Move Day

  • Establish a strategic relocation sequence that accounts for move out and move in phases.

Hospital Relocation Step 6: Patient Care

  • Communicate relocation plans to all patients as far in advance as possible.
  • Coordinate and enable the safe transfer of patients between facilities. 

Hospital Relocation Step 7: Communicate with Vendors

  • Compile a list of all current vendors.
  • Communicate with vendors about the hospital relocation.
  • Arrange for new vendor contracts when necessary.
  • Schedule future deliveries to be delivered to the new hospital location post-relocation day. 

Hospital Relocation Step 8: Orientation

  • Determine the best approach to 

Whenever possible start this planning process months before your scheduled move! This will reduce staff stress and limit the negative impact on your local community. 

For personalized hospital relocation planning services and professional support with your move day needs, contact Buehler today!

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