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On Furniture and Design Matters

Why Office Design Matters

Unless you’re a fitness instructor, a forest ranger or a cop on the beat, the vast majority of us spend our working lives seated inside a standard office, which is why office design is so important.

By some estimates, the average person spends more than five hours seated at a workstation.

Creating a comfortable space is important for workers’ happiness and productivity.

Ergonomics has become a hot term in the world of effective and efficient office furniture and office design. Since all workers are not build the same, there’s no reason to fill space with identical chairs and desks. Consider the size and shape of your workforce when looking at the size of a desk, or the height of a chair. And since so many of us spend our seated office time looking at a computer, it’s also important to have monitors that let a seated worker view the top one third of their computer screens. The experts say this configuration causes less eye strain, which limits mental fatigue.

The standing workstation has also become a very hot topic in modern offices. Since so much time is spent in a seated position, adding a desk that can convert into a stand up workspace is a great way to improve your team’s concentration. Check out various shapes and sizes to accommodate different body types in the office.

Trendy Furnishing Designs to Consider

Trendy furnishing designs should also consider the value of storage space for furnishings. Easy access to files or documents you need, will save a lot of bending over and bended knees. Those little added movements build up over time. Why not find office furnishings that ease us through the day?

Other hot trends in office design and furnishings range from creative color schemes to vibrant plants and plenty of natural lighting.

An open work area flooded with comfortable chairs, along with ample doses of natural lighting screams success.

Creative positioning of furniture is also important. The positioning should allow for a comfortable flow through the space, but also provide employees with some level of privacy.

At the very least, the best office designs give workers a good desk, ergonomically correct chairs, and comfortable community or breakout areas. Toss in some natural lighting, some soothing colors and you’re on the way to building an environment that leads to a productive and pleasant workforce.

Other trends in hot office designs include:

Spaces where office and furniture can be shared. This concept is great for smaller businesses that use a lot of freelance workers or remote staff. Working in co-op type spaces let companies share space, resources and even talent.

The open plan desk design is also popular. The idea is to lose the isolated workstation concept and build an open space that leads to more community and collaboration in an office.

As mentioned above, green is good. We’re not talking about money, but the need to green up an office or retail area with living plants. Companies are adding roof-top gardens, water features and office designs that employ natural material like bamboo dividers to add a natural element to a static space.

Research strongly suggests that being out in nature for just a few minutes each day boosts our energy and attitudes. It makes good sense to add these elements to any creative work area design.

One trend has all matter of spaces, from office to hotels to malls adding in living walls, that are created around plants.

Bottom line: Everyone likes a touch of nature. So why not add a bit to the modern work or retail space?





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