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Cool Tech For The Modern Office

Cool Tech For The Modern Office

Now that the new year and a new decade are upon us all, it’s time to consider what modern tech tools can be used to turn a blah office into a time-saving tech happy space for all to enjoy and explore.

The modern office runs on technology and the new trends range from apps to help with team communication, to futuristic conference tables that let staff members share their screen with the press of a button.

Cool tech for the office is here to stay and the ideas are endless.

Modern homeowners know very well that smart phones let them adjust the heating, cooling, security and lighting inside their homes. Same goes for the modern office. The same elements that control a home are now in use to control the office environment. The apps can be incorporated to iPads or mobile phones. It’s a money saving, and energy saving tool sure to reduce the bottom line.

The controls are great for regulating office lighting. Studies show that older workers need more light in the workplace than younger staff members. The new tech can be adjusted accordingly, depending on who is at work.

Poor lighting can lead to eye strain, and headaches and a dislike for office time. But there are personalized lighting systems in many offices that let individuals control the light that is around them at work.

The office chair is also undergoing a revolution. Cool tech trends for the office include office chairs that come loaded for the modern age. One of the cooler tech items on the market is an office chair that comes with USB ports and a flip-up panel for privacy. The chair provides a one stop workstation that gives the user the option of going into private mode at the flip of a switch.

While the stand-up desk was all the rage in the past decade, a new age calls for new innovations in cool office tech. While research indicates standing desks help end the sedentary office lifestyle, tech companies have taken things a step further by adding a treadmill into the mix. Yes, you can work and get some blood flow and cardio at the same time. Yes, desk treadmills are a thing, and they’re fun.

The front office receptionist is going the way of the coal industry. The new wave of cool office tech tools focus on visitor management systems, which speeds the check in process for office visitors. The systems speed up office deliveries and also keep a digital record of those who enter and leave the office.

With hacking on the rise, office security is also a top priority. Fortunately, there are cool, office tech gadgets to help with that issue. Hardware encrypted hard drives (HDDs) provide high-capacity, secure portable storage. The devices are perfect for home, office and travel.

The office coffee pot has also undergone a cool tech upgrade. One can now plug a USB coffee warmer into their smart office chair’s USB and enjoy a warm beverage between workouts on the office desk treadmill.

And since so much of the new, cool, office tech toys involve smart devices, it makes sense to toss in the modern way to cleanse your iPhone. Many offices have added phone-sanitizer systems that use ultraviolet rays to kill cellphone bacteria. It’s the perfect new office tech tool to keep office hypochondriacs in check.



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