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Whats Trending in Office Layouts

Office Design Trends For Your Work Environment

Trendy office design layout ideas center on spreading good energy in a work environment. More specifically, designing a work environment that harnesses the energy of an office has become a trend in office design.

One hot trend in office design centers on creating a space that emphasizes collaboration. One way to highlight cooperation is by doing away with the old model that isolated employees and managers by putting people in private offices. Office design trends now favor a work area that contains smaller workstations that surround a conference room area. This kind of office design allows for the privacy of an individual workstation, while creating an open area for larger conference gatherings. Designers now think that this blend of smaller work areas in an open environment creates community buzz and drives productivity.

There was a time when the boss always got the best office, but modern office designs have shifted the model. The coming trends give larger spaces to those who are in the office all the time. The old way gave the president a huge office, while worker bees were lucky to get a desk in the corner. But the new trend allocates office space based on how much time someone spends in the office. Those who must be in the office all the time, now receive the most space.

Traditional office seating arrangements are also undergoing radical changes. One new trend in office design allows employees to select their own seating. Employees are now given the choice to choose where they want to be in an office. Forward looking office layouts let employees move about an office from spot to spot. One Swiss marketing company lets workers have their own desks, but they can also work in private nooks, on comfy chairs, or at cafe-style high tables.

Everyone wants to work in an eye-catching office. That’s why new trends in office designs are adding splashy colors to the work area. One hot trend is called “Color-blocking.” This concept combines solid colors that are far apart on the color wheel. The resulting combinations are fresh and stimulating. Bright pinks pop against greens; blues clash with yellow and orange.

The new color schemes can be used to differentiate office departments. It’s a fun way to add life to an office and help visitors and newcomers find their way around the space, while giving the space some wow energy.

Giving workers choices and some level of control is also a new trend in office design. A recent article in Forbes pointed out that hip offices create buzz and happy workers by offering them everything from climbing walls to cupcake vending machines.

Variety is also very hot right now. That means communal tables, formal and informal meeting rooms and “brainstorming islands,” are becoming hot ideas for creative office designers.

The old school approach of having rows of desks with assigned seats is long gone, according to Forbes. Modern workers are not chained to their workspace. Forbes points out that nearly 5 million workers classify themselves as “digital nomads.” These workers do not want to be stuck in one spot. They enjoy moving from location to location within an office.

Office designers say there is no one size fits all concept. The combination of creative designs mixed with plants and natural light should be employed as much as possible. Natural light, healthy plants and access to cupcakes will do wonders for your office.

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