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Cool New Tech Trends for Moving

Cool New Technology Trends For Moving

We live in a world of mobile apps, which provide handy mobile phone links to just about everything. The app world is thriving in the moving industry, and these technology trends are helping consumers and companies work more efficiently.

Forward looking companies have mobile apps that let customers track all their goods. The apps let customers get real time updates on the location of their household or office items. These methods provide customers and companies real time access to valuable information and lessen the need for clients to wonder when their household items will arrive at a new location.

The apps let moving companies track multiple operations. The apps can alert companies and clients about delays or any issues that might hinder the workflow for a busy moving company. Better still, new technologies in the moving industry give all parties a sense of connection and guarantee that no one is left out of the loop, or out of touch as to the status and location of their items.

Much like tracking applications for products purchased online through Amazon, moving company apps and tracking systems give everyone from the driver of a moving van, to the anxious homeowner waiting for his or her furniture, instant access to the schedule and delivery time of their possessions.

When hiring a company to move your home or office, it’s a good idea to find out if the company has up-to-date technology and if you can easily access that technology.

Buehler Companies is a well-established firm with locations in Denver, Fort Worth, Colorado Springs and Albuquerque. We’ve been in business for generations. We know how to deliver all your home and office items. Give us a call and let us share what we know about the best technologies to deliver a smooth and easy cross town or cross country move.

Cost estimation tools have also emerged in the industry. Artificial Intelligence technology has made cost estimates for moves much easier. Again, mobile apps are in place to let customers log their moving needs and get a solid estimate of the price. This process leads to better accuracy in pricing and ease of mind for those who do not want to barter or haggle with movers.

Full time customer support access is also becoming new and useful form of technology in the moving business. Most people today want instant access and complete understanding. We’ve all been frustrated by being placed on hold when contacting a call center. That can be infuriating when one is seeking up to date information on items being shipped across the country. Some moving companies have employed chatbox software, which uses text or voice messages to deliver accurate information about many customer questions. Adding in actual humans on a company’s 24 hour call line is also extremely helpful.


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