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moving during the holiday season

Tips on Moving During The Holiday Season

The holiday season is usually a time of gathering, reflecting and sharing. But sometimes, it’s a time to pack up and move.

Moving is always a challenge. And that challenge can be made more difficult during the holiday season. The holidays are often crunch time for companies. Movers might be booked in advance. Employees are taking vacation. Plus, there are family gatherings that might add an extra level of stress to a cross town, or cross country move.

But the need to move — for a new job, or just a change– won’t go away just because it’s the holiday season.

Here are some tips to consider when you have to pack up and move during the holidays.


Unless your moving opportunity came out of nowhere, you have had time to prepare for this event. Time is our most precious commodity, so use it wisely. Take time to plan out this holiday season move. If you need help, the experts at Buehler Companies can handle anything you need. We’ve been at this kind of work since 1912. We can guide you. So, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Declutter before the move and give things away

If you are facing a move — be it a holiday time move, or any kind of relocation — this is a perfect opportunity to downsize, declutter and give things away. The holiday season is obviously a time for gift giving. This is the time to go through your goods. Decide what you really need in the new home and the new life you are starting. If it’s not something you really need, why not give it away. There are thousands of people who could use your old couch, table, dishes, bikes, or whatever you don’t really want to put inside a moving van. There are many charities in every community that will gladly take what you no longer need.

Remember, the less you have, the easier your move will be.

Cut back on the holiday season decorations

Who does not enjoy the sight of a well decorated holiday scene outside a home, or the image of a brilliantly lit Christmas tree? But if you are moving during the holiday season, it might be wise to go light this year. Perhaps you can just decorate a few portions of your home, not light up the entire neighborhood. Think about a smaller tree for inside the home and go a little lighter on the gifts as well. Save all that time and energy for decorating your new home after the move is complete.

Plan Well In Advance

As mentioned above, planning is often the key to success. That’s doubly so when considering a move during the holiday season. Reach out to a professional moving company like Buehler Companies. We can help you organize any move and provide advice on everything from the proper boxes to use, to the best places to store fine art and valuables.

Holiday Season-Budget for Moving Supplies

The holiday season can be expensive. It’s a time to buy gifts, travel to visit family and ready the home for guests. If you are planning a move during the holiday season, check your budgets. You will need a lot of supplies, such as boxes, packing materials and a moving van. This is not cheap. Take the time to work up a reasonable budget, and if you are going to hire movers, remember, they are dealing with the holidays as well. Plan all this in advance.

Family Matters

Moving is stressful for everyone, be it adults, kids or pets. A holiday move can be extra stressful, especially if your kids are in school and need to prepare for joining a new community across the country. Before making the big move, take the time to discuss the adventure with your entire family. Be sure that all of your important documents and school records are transferred to the new school. Have things like transcripts; report cards, and immunization records organized and ready for the move. Reach out to your kids’ old school to make sure you have what you need. Contact the new school to make sure you have covered everything they expect from a new community member.

At the end of the day, remember to relax, and treat yourself to something nice. It’s the holiday season, so may it be filled with joy and good thoughts, no matter where you travel.

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