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Moving your business during the holidays

Move your business during the holidays

While the holiday season is often called “the most wonderful time of the year,” it can be anything but wonderful if you need to move your business during the holidays.

Unseen burdens and extra stress are common in any office move, but the complications can escalate when it comes to planning a move during the holidays.

The holidays can be super busy. Moving companies can be short staffed during the holidays. If you need to move a business during the holiday season, get on this task as soon as possible.

You should get your team involved in the move. Perhaps your company has a staff member or a department dedicated to office supplies and moves. If so, make that person the go-to expert. In any case, get organized right away, appoint a team lead to oversee the move and reach out to an expert company like Buehler Companies.

Buehler Companies has been in business since 1912. We have offices in Denver, Colorado Springs, Fort Worth and Albuquerque. When it comes to office moves, we have the people and experience to handle any job.

Below are some tips to consider when it comes time to moving your office during the holidays.

Know your budget when you move your business

Moving is not cheap. Even if you can make the move yourself, you must look at basic moving items such as boxes, wrapping materials, and the hiring of a van and help to move all your supplies and equipment. Make some calls to get estimates on vans and trucks. Create a proper budget and stick to the amount. Work hard to be under budget, that way you can host a new office party when the move is complete.

Plan, Plan, Plan

If you own a business, you must have a good sense of organization and planning. These tools should not be left behind when time comes to plan to move your business over the holidays. Be sure that everyone on your team and staff knows what’s happening. These staff members may be asked to prepare their workspaces for the move. Get them involved early. Be sure your team knows what role they will play in the office relocation and the ultimate set up when the move is over.

Reach out to several moving companies. You can use this opportunity to not only determine which company is best for the move, but to pick the brains of the movers in advance. Don’t be afraid to ask the professionals what they think is needed when moving an office during the holidays.

Have a vehicle available

If your office is small, maybe you don’t need a professional moving company. If that is the case, be sure to have a van or vehicle lined up and ready for the move. Everyone is crazy busy during the holiday season. Companies can also be understaffed at this time, because employees often take vacation during the holidays. It’s never too soon to book a van or moving truck. One way to reduce the worry is to rely on a professional company. If you go that way, do some research. Only hire a quality company.

Buehler is proudly listed on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) as an A+ rated company. Buehler is part of the American Moving & Storage Association also known as “Pro Mover.” And we are members in the Commercial Relocation Network, an organization made up of the most successful office and industrial relocation companies in the country.

Label and number your boxes

As mentioned above, you will need boxes for your move. Those boxes need to be labeled and numbered to make the transition and reorganization efficient. If you have a lot of things to move, and a lot of boxes to fill, create a numbering system for each box. Whatever it takes, be sure to label, list or number every box and all the items in those boxes.

Be careful when packing computer cables

Computers come with a lot of cables. You don’t want to lose any of this stuff. It’s best to gather all the cables and place them in large zip lock baggies. Don’t forget to label the bags. Make sure the right cables are with the right components.

Update all your company’s contact information

The updates don’t just mean making sure your current clients know about your new location. The work goes much deeper. You will need to update your business cards, office stationary and any other designation such as addresses on your website, Facebook site, or anything else that contains your old address.

Get rid of things you don’t need when you move your business

Maybe your new office is smaller than the old one. If so, get rid of things you will not need when you move an office during the holidays. Are your computers out of date, are your phones old, is the office furniture worn and ugly? Take a tour of your current space and determine what will work in the new place. Always consider giving away the items you don’t need. Remember, “one man gathers what another man spills.” Everything has a use. If you don’t need it in the new space, find a new home for the old office material.

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