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Moving Across Country

The 411 On Cross Country Moves

There’s nothing as adventurous as moving your life from one spot on the planet to another location thousands of miles away. But cross country moves, especially for families with children or pets, can be a massive nightmare.

Moving is considered one of the most stressful events in life, but the job must get done. And if it’s going to be done right, there are a few basic rules to follow. Let’s take a fast look at some classic tips for moving across country.

One of the best tips you can follow when moving across the country is to hire a quality company to make the move. Whether you’re hiring  a moving company, a painter or dog walker, you always get what you pay for. Going cheap might not always be the best choice when hiring a company to take possession of your property, then moving it a thousand miles away.

When faced with a cross country or cross town relocation, it’s best to seek out a professional company, one that’s well established. Few companies are as well regarded as Buehler Companies. Buehler Companies is a well-known and successful firm with locations in Denver, Fort Worth, Colorado Springs and Albuquerque.

Even if you hire a great company, there are many tips and suggestions to follow. Below are some established rules to follow before making that cross country jaunt.

1). Make a list

There is a lot to do when it comes to moving. Outline all the steps needed in advance. This can include everything from listing the number of moving boxes you need, to buying important moving supplies such as packing tape and blankets.

2). Find a qualified cross country moving company

Moving across the nation is no small thing. And if you do not want to handle this ordeal alone, then seek out a company that knows how to make these moves. Research the company, look at on-line reviews, talk to friends or family members who have hired national movers. Due diligence is a good thing. Yes, it will cost more to hire a professional cross country company, but you get a lot more protection and quality care with a pro.

3). The cost of cross country moves

Hiring a professional team will cost more than renting a truck and getting friends to help load the van. Only you can determine how much you can afford. Weigh the cost and benefits of hiring a professional team verses the do-it-yourself route. Know your realistic budget before your hire a moving company.

4). Home inventory

Take a survey of your home well in advance of any planned move. Some of your household items might not be worth the cross country trip. Determine what you need in the new place and what can be left behind, given away, resold or gifted to charity. Most of us accumulate more than we really need. Moving is a great time to purge the things you do not use. You’re starting a new life, maybe it’s time to lose some of the excess baggage. Big things like furniture and beds weigh a lot. Movers charge by the pound. Assess if you are better off moving that old sofa or buying a new one once you get to your new home.

5). Pets and children

If you think the move is hard on adults, consider the stress and confusion all this can create for young children or pets. With children, it’s best to explain what’s happening. Maybe make the move into a fun adventure, or a game. Get the kids to help with some of packing and planning. Do whatever it takes to reduce the anxiety for everyone. As for pets, some extra steps can help cut down on the stress a move has on our furry pals. See for tips.

6). Driving or flying?

Let’s assume you have hired a quality firm like Buehler Companies to handle all the hard stuff. Now it’s time for you to get to your new town. How will this be done? Are you driving or flying? If you are driving your own car, be sure to budget for this expense. Factor in gas costs, hotels, and food. If time allows, stop and visit fun things along the way. If you are traveling with children, seek out locations that will spark their imagination and make the trip memorable and fun. If you are with pets, plan out potty stops, and pet friendly hotels. And don’t forget to pack all the food, toys and treats your furry friends expect. Also, if you are driving, be sure your car is well maintained. If you have not had a tune up, better take care of that before you hit the road. If you are flying to the new destination, make sure you have hired a good company to move your car.

7) Budget everything

There will be unknown expenses tied to any move. Work out a budget well in advance. The price for a cross country move is about $4,300. But that figure is just an average. The price depends on how far you travel, and how much you plan to move. Know exactly what the moving company will charge you. You can save by doing your own packing. Determine all this ahead of time.

8) Don’t be shy to ask questions

Whether you hire a well-established company like Buehler Companies, or another outfit, never be afraid to ask for advice or help. Just be certain the company you hire is up to the task. Buehler Companies have been in business for generations. We have a stellar reputation and we are here to help. Give us a call today.


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