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How To Get Settled When Moving To A New City

Moving to a new city is hard. Pulling up roots and resettling in a new community can be stressful for some and exciting for others. Whether you’re the type who embraces the challenges of a new community, or the kind of person who favors the safe and familiar, accept that moving is part of modern life.

On average, Americans relocate about 12 times during their lives. Our society no longer stays in one place. Jobs, opportunities, or the need to experience new situations is commonplace.

We move; therefore, we are. With that in mind, let’s cover some topics to help take the stress, worry and confusion out of a move and get you settled in a new community.

Make moving easy with professional help.

The first thing to consider when moving is to make the transition as easy as possible. Step one should involve hiring a quality moving company. Buehler Companies has operated for generations. We’re good at what we do and we will help with every aspect of any type of move.

Hiring a quality company will make settling into a new city easier. Of course, you can also decide the do-it-yourself approach. In any case, get organized for the move. Get all your packing materials organized, decide what will be packed and what will be left behind. If you take the time to organize a move, you will be able to settle into your new home or apartment at a comfortable pace.

Technology is your friend and a great tool to understand a new town.

Use apps and mobile technology to understand your new community. Maybe you are familiar with your new town, maybe not. In any case, use mobile apps to download useful information about your new locations. The apps you use will depend on your needs. Are you into natural grocery stores and health clubs? Do you want to find they best schools or daycare centers? Technology has made this type of research simple. Use the tools to know your new town.


Map out time to relax and explore your new community. Hopefully, this will be your new home for many years. There’s no rush to learn everything and do everything. Enjoy the journey. Spend time seeking out the best coffee shops, restaurants, parks, or whatever sparks your interests. While some people can land anywhere and feel right at home, experts say it usually takes several months to feel comfortable in a new hometown.

Take this chill time to discover the hidden treasures of your new neighborhood. Find the grocery store that fits your needs, locate the best mechanic in your area. Is there a pharmacy nearby? Take a stroll and find out for yourself.

And don’t be afraid to go beyond your comfort zone. You’re in a new place, try something new. Be open to new friends and opportunities. Learn to say yes. It might lead to some great discoveries in your new community.

And of course, get to know your new neighbors.

Get to know the roads and transportation options.

Getting around in a new place can be maddening. You might get lost. This is no big deal. It’s part of the discovery process. Take the time to study roadmaps, bus or subway routes. Look into bike paths, car or bike sharing options.

Join neighborhood listservs.

A great way to familiarize yourself with your new town is by joining community listservs. It’s amazing what’s on-line these days. From Facebook neighborhood pages to sites like Nextdoor, the Internet is loaded with endless options to learn about your new town and the community around you.

Make New Friends.

One good pal can turn a new town into a cozy community. Join meet-up groups to interact with other newcomers to town. Don’t be shy. Talk to strangers. Make them friends. Friends and connections expand your life and make moving to a new place a great experience. Check out for ideas.

Stay happy when moving to a new city

Life is filled with opportunities and occasional disappointments. Your move and new town might not be all you imagined when you accepted that new opportunity and chose to move. Understand that life is challenging. But a poor attitude will only make things worse. Stay positive. If you feel down, concentrate on the good things about your new community. Find activities, hobbies and clubs in your city that make you happy, such as joining a gym, running group or social club. Get involved. Stay positive!

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