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Data Center Relocation Move Planning Checklist

A data center migration is the process of deploying and transferring an existing data center environment to another data center operating environment. It is a comprehensive process that systematically plans for migrating the existing data center to a new facility or site. A data center migration is also known as a data center relocation.

Reasons vary for why companies require a data center move. They include cost-saving needs, more room, security matters or compliance issues. Whatever the reason, data center relocation moves are a big deal and should be treated very carefully.

Some companies choose to have the work done by in-house staff members, many of whom are not familiar with the process of moving a massive server. Since this process is time consuming and challenging, smarter companies seek professional help. Experienced firms like Buehler Companies can handle all aspects of any data center relocation. Hiring a pro can make a huge difference. The move will be easier to accomplish, and a company’s staff will not be burdened by a challenging and unfamiliar task.

Hire a professional company to guarantee a smooth transition and to avoid potential data disaster.

Whether you go pro, or keep the move in-house, there are several steps to consider. Here’s a short checklist for your next data center move.

1) Take Inventory

Every component in your data center needs to be inventoried so you know exactly what you’re dealing with and to help protect your investment. Separate the components into categories such as which ones are being moved to the new data center and which ones are being replaced or removed.

2) Security Concerns

You need to have a plan ready prior to the move to address any data security concerns. This includes hiring a data destruction company to clean out any data not of use.

3)  Budget for the Move

The process of data center relocation takes time and money. Don’t go into this blind. Do your research, reach out to a professional moving team, then create a realistic budget for the process.

4) Partner With a Computer Liquidation Firm to Handle the Excess

By selecting a company to cover the liquidation of your excess equipment, you will help make your data center migration go smoother because you won’t have to worry about moving equipment your business no longer plans on using. Plus, when you sell your equipment to the liquidation firm, you may even be able to obtain a return on your investment that may help cover the cost of the liquidation and quite possibly even part of the relocation expenses.

5) Have a Back Up/ Recovery Plan For Your Data Center Relocation

Before the equipment is removed from the current data center, it is critical to back up the data to help prevent data loss during the data center relocation process.

6) Make the Move

Before you move to the new data center, verify that it is ready and that its services have been tested and approved.

Given the importance of data security and protection, these types of moves are best left to professionals like the team at Buehler Companies. The company has existed since 1912 and today has locations in Albuquerque, Colorado Springs, Denver and Fort Worth.

Buehler is listed on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) as an A+ rated company. Buehler is part of the American Moving & Storage Association also known as “Pro Mover.” And we are members in the Commercial Relocation Network, an organization made up of the most successful office and industrial relocation companies in the country.

Your data is too important to ignore. Go pro and ask the experts at Buehler to review your data center relocation plan and needs.

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