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Why You Should Move to Fort Worth Texas

To those unfamiliar with Fort Worth, Texas, the community seems like the overlooked stepchild to Big D, Dallas.

But there is way more to this city than playing second fiddle. Those looking to move here should note that the community is hardly hayseed. It’s the 16th largest city in America.

Fort Worth stands on its own and it offers those seeking a new life and new opportunities a plethora of benefits.

Though Texans like to say that everything is big in The Lone Star State, Fort Worth has maintained a small town feel. The downtown center thrives and the crime rate is low. Housing costs are manageable and the community puts an emphasis on preservation, culture and history.

Average income levels range around $50,000 a year, according to the website The cost of living in the city is manageable, and is only about 2 percent above the national average. Homes are within reach of middle income earners. The average price for a three-bedroom home is about $270,000. That beats the tar out of boom towns like Denver or anything on The West Coast.

Those interested in making the move will find plenty of employment opportunities waiting for them. The Dallas/Fort Worth area is home to an array of Fortune 500 corporations. American Airlines calls the area home and employs more than 25,000 people in the region. outlined the following pros and cons on life for those pondering a move to Fort Worth.

Pros of Living in Fort Worth Texas

  • Lots of lovely museums and aquariums and music shows and festivals.
  • Lots of cultural diversity in most areas. This translates to cultural festivals and awesome restaurants throughout the city.
  • Less crowded and less expensive than Dallas.
  • Lots of suburbs. The newer ones have planned communities with parks that have good schools nearby.
  • Older neighborhoods with much larger yards and great opportunities to buy cheap and upgrade yourself. Many of the older areas have not so great public schools if you have kids though.
Cons of Living in Fort Worth Texas
  • Lots of the new suburbs are outside Fort Worth, so the city gets none of their taxes. If you move into those suburbs, you can’t access city services.
  • Kids sports and activities are expensive in this area. Many gyms and museum memberships are too [costly] for middle-class families to manage.
  • There is cowboy culture here! Take that for what you will. That said, it isn’t citywide.
  • The Fort Worth Independent School System (ISD) has issues. Many of their schools lack sufficient funding, leading to overcrowding and poor building conditions.

Sports play a huge part of life in Texas. While not everyone is a fan of “America’s Team,” (AKA The Dallas Cowboys) those moving to the Fort Worth area should learn to live with chants of “How About Them Cowboys” during the NFL season.

The Foods that make Fort Worth Texas Famous

Those seeking culture and fine dining will find the Fort Worth area an excellent location to enjoy everything from world class entertainment and museums to the best BBQ on the planet. Tex-Mex will become part of your vocabulary.

Weather conditions can be an issue. It will be hot in the summer, but nice the rest of the year. Tornados happen here. As the website SmartAsset points out: “Tornadoes and flooding are a reality in Dallas. If you’re planning to move to the city it’s worth reading up on some basic safety tips (don’t drive your car into pools of water during a flood, for example). If you’re a thrill-seeker, the possibility of witnessing a tornado might sound exciting but the events can be dangerous. It’s always a good idea to have an emergency plan in place for yourself and your loved ones.”

If you plan to move to the Fort Worth area, we suggest you contact Buehler Moving Companies. We know the Fort Worth area better than anyone. We can help with any and all moves and are happy to share the best of the Tex-Mex lifestyle in one of the greatest spots in the Lone Star State.

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