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How to Pack a Moving Truck

How To Pack a Moving Truck

Preparation, planning, and some sensible arrangement tips will help you properly pack and organize any moving truck.

The essentials behind the art of packing a moving truck can be fun for those who enjoy puzzles. But the best way to pack a truck is more than a game of Tetris.

Correct packing requires weight distribution, furniture arrangement considerations, and overall efficiency to maximize the space you have.

Let’s run through some basic steps to help make any moving truck packaging job as easy as possible.

As with most moves, it’s best to get a jump on things. Call some professionals to get a sense of the work and for some quotes. Also, be sure to contact rental moving truck companies well in advance of any move. Be sure to reserve your vehicle at least one month in advance. Understand what size vehicle you will need before you make any rental arrangements.

Read and fully understand any rental contract you sign.

Set time aside to obtain some essential packing supplies. The right supplies will make packing a moving truck much easier. Basic supplies for the job include good boxes of varying sizes, moving blankets, tape, wrapping paper, and strong straps to keep your furniture and appliances secured inside the moving van.

Arrange to have help from friends or family. Many hands make light work, so get all the hands you can on deck for any move.

Break down the furniture you plan to move. Take off table legs and dismantle what you can.

When the load-up time comes, be sure to start with the largest and heaviest items first. This includes bed frames, tables, chairs, refrigerators, washer/dryers, couches, sectionals, and coffee tables you plan to move. The heavy stuff should be on the bottom of your moving truck, so as not to crush and damage your other boxes and belongings. You can save space by placing couches, headboards, and tables standing upright. Be sure to use plenty of blankets or plastic wrap to protect the upright items.

Rugs should be rolled up and wrapped in plastic for protection. Don’t forget to clean your rugs before packing.

Once the heavy items are in the truck, put your attention on the lighter stuff, such as moving boxes, appliances, and smaller furniture items.

Always take time to protect pictures, mirrors, and TVs before loading onto the truck.

Load the lighter materials on top of furniture and appliances, and not underneath where they could be crushed. Be sure all your items and furnishings are secure in the truck. This will call for the use of strong straps to keep everything in place.

You should pack important documents separately. The same goes for anything valuable such as jewelry or computers.

Always make sure that the weight is evenly distributed throughout the back of the truck. This makes it easier to load and unload without knocking boxes all over the place. Proper weight distribution is also safer because the arrangement makes it easier to control a truck when driving on the road.

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