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The Easiest Way to Store and Move Your Piano

Let’s be perfectly clear: there’s no “easy way” to move a piano.

Whether the task involves a grand or upright piano, one should never treat these wonderfully crafted instruments like regular furniture.

Pianos are not light. Moving them will require planning, measuring, storage issues, and people to haul the instrument from point A to B.

The easiest way to move a piano is to hire a qualified mover like the professionals at Buehler Moving. Moving your piano requires a lot of effort. The piano may need to be taken apart. The various parts will need to be draped in blankets and safely secured before moving.

If storage is needed, be sure to check the space for moisture and temperature changes. Pianos don’t do well in wet, damp spots. They also do better in climate controlled environments.

Because there is really no easy way to move a piano, there are many moving firms that focus only on piano jobs. And it makes sense to call a professional given the fact that pianos weigh between 300 to 1,000 pounds.

Pianos are also expensive. Values range from the thousands to the 100s of thousands. But pianos also provide wonderful music. Since it takes years to master the art, it makes good sense to care for the instrument during a move.

Those seeking a do-it-yourself approach will need to consider the following:

You will need help, and plenty of it. You will need blankets to protect the piano, and you better measure all doorways, pathways and stairways to make sure you can extricate the instrument safely.

You will likely need a dolly to help with the move. Be sure the dolly is strong enough to handle a grand. Moving a grand takes more effort. It will have to be partially disassembled. The legs will have to come off and they need to be protected by strong blankets during the move.

No matter if the piano you move is an upright or grand, take extra steps to protect the keys from being damaged during the move.

Here are some handy tips that you must consider when seeking an easy way to move your piano.

Make a plan in advance. Plan out the route you will take from start to finish. Make sure everyone involved knows the plan.

Measure everything to make sure the piano will get through all doors, halls and homes.

Be sure the moving truck you plan to use is close to your home. Have the moving ramps in place and ready to go.

Make sure those helping move the piano can handle the load. Four people might be needed and it’s a good idea to have one person for every 100 pounds of piano.

When it comes to storage, consider a climate controlled storage unit. Pianos are made of wood and are very sensitive to temperature and humidity.

Rent a large enough space to handle the piano’s size.

Be sure to clean up all areas of the piano once it is stored. It’s best to use piano polish for this job.

Cover the piano with cotton sheets, not plastic material.

Finally, when your piano arrives at your new home, give the instrument time to rest. Allow a couple weeks of settlement time before having it tuned.

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