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International Moving Checklist

International Moving Checklist

Congratulations on your upcoming adventure. But once the new career excitement has diminished, it’s time to get busy and create an international moving checklist in advance of this amazing move.

Hopefully, you have at least a month to get ready for the big event. And while 30 days might seem like a long time to prepare, it’s not. Get busy on the move now, because there will be a lot to do.

If you are lucky, your new employer can help with moving expenses. If so, speak to the company about what they can and can’t do for you. Take time to seek out other ex-pats who can clue you in on what’s needed to prepare for this new chapter of life.

Ask your new employer about tax issues, payment help, travel expense reimbursements, and any chance for obtaining company housing.

If you are a renter, you will need to give notice to your current landlord. If you are a homeowner, you will need to decide if you plan to sell your house or lease it while you are overseas. Give everyone involved plenty of notice, and if you choose to sell your home, it’s unlikely the sale will take place before your overseas departure, so make arrangements for any future house sale in advance of the start of your overseas move.

Unless you are getting rid of all your old household items, speak with a Buehler Moving consultant to discuss the best ways to move, or store your materials until you return from overseas.

Take the time to fix up your current home. That means paint over cracks, fix leaky faucets and give the place a nice makeover. If you are a renter, this cleanup will help you retrieve your damage deposit. Plus, it’s proper to leave a home in good shape before you exit.

Any international moving checklist should include some basic to-dos. These include: Cancelling all your utilities, cable, internet bills well in advance. The short list should include calls about: electricity, water, natural gas, trash removal, cable, phone, any yard or pool maintenance, pest control and your mail.

If you are renting and leaving at the end of your lease, set an appointment with the landlord to examine your house. That should help you get a full deposit before you head overseas.

Be sure to notify the postal service in advance. You will want to be sure your future mail gets to your new location. Always take pictures of your house and show the repairs you have made to the landlord.

Consider saving up as much money as you can before you leave. An overseas move can be expensive and you don’t want to be caught short. Many experts suggest having a bankroll to cover six months of expenses just in case.

Be sure all your travel documents, such as passports, work visas, or immunizations are up to date.

Spend some time doing research about your new home. Study up on the culture and the language of your new place. Ask your new employer if they have any programs or advice to help with the transition.

Deal with all your financials. Contact your bank and see if they have branches in your new location. Set up any necessary accounts or money moves before you depart the U.S.

Double check everything on this international moving list. Once the work is done, it’s time to have a going away bash. And enjoy the new excitement to come.

If you have questions about moving overseas the experts at Buehler can help. Contact us today.

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