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Tips On Moving Canvas Art

Tips On Moving Canvas Art

Moving fine art, family pictures and anything with a fragile or glass frame can add stress to an already stressful relocation. Moving canvas art requires a little extra effort. But it’s not hard. It just takes a little time and thought. If you make that effort, you will find moving canvas art to be no issue at all.

First, you will need some basic supplies. Get some high quality moving boxes and get them in different sizes to accommodate the art you will be packing. You will also need good masking tape, some markers to identify each box, brown paper wrapping and bubble wrap.

Take an assessment in advance and arrange your art work according to size and room location. When moving art, you can package small sized art together, just be sure to allow for a few protective layers of separation between the items placed in one box. Think about using bubble wrap to protect your canvas art.

When moving larger pieces of canvas art, be sure to place only one large piece in each box.

When moving canvas art, or any piece of art that comes encased in a glass frame, make an X with masking tape across the front of the glass. This will help protect the entire piece and reduce further damage if something happens and the glass gets shattered. Don’t forget to mark all your boxes and write “Fragile” on the ones that contain anything that can shatter along with “This Way is Up” or an arrow pointing upwards in the direction that the art is placed in the box. It’s also a good idea to write on the moving box the type of art that is inside and where this piece of art should go in your new home.

When preparing to move canvas art, place the piece on a flat surface and protect it fully in brown paper. Cover the entire surface. Be sure to place the frame side of the canvas art face down against the paper. Wrap up the art like you would a gift or birthday present. Avoid using newspapers when moving your art. Newspaper can leave stains on the frame.

Wrap up your art with packaging tape. Do this for both the length and width of the art work you plan to move. The wrapping will keep the paper layer in place. Finally, add a covering of bubble wrap around the entire package for added protection.

When it comes to moving smaller canvas art, or personal photos, wrap each item separately if you plan to place these smaller items in the same moving box. You can also purchase specialized cardboard corner protectors to add extra stability to the frame.

When moving canvas art, be sure to place the boxes in a vertical position in the moving truck. Do not place artwork flat and don’t stack anything on top of the boxes that have artwork.

If you have questions about the best way to move canvas art, or seek advice on relocating to Denver, Colorado Springs, Fort Worth or Albuquerque, let Buehler help guide your process.

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