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Things You Need To Know Before Moving To Colorado

Things You Need To Know Before Moving To Colorado

From weather to wealth, or fitness and health, Colorado is ranked among the best America has to offer. Those moving to Colorado should know there is much more to The Centennial State than spectacular mountains, endless recreation and a pace of life that fits all styles.

WalletHub, recently named Colorado among the nation’s “Top Five Best States to Live In.” The ranking was based on affordability, economy, education and health, quality of life, and safety. Only New Jersey, New Hampshire, Minnesota, and Massachusetts, bested Colorado.

Colorado ranked 25th for affordability, fourth for economy, eighth for education and health, 12th for quality of life, and 29th for safety.

Colorado came in as the third best state in the country for job hunters. The state’s unemployment rate is 3.4 percent.

Those moving to Colorado will be part of a long-standing trend. The state has undergone a population boom over the past 15 years. That has boosted the property values and cost of living. It has also turned the highways around Denver and Colorado Springs into rush hour nightmares. Weekend getaways to the mountains require forward thinking to avoid traffic jams that can turn a two-hour drive to Vail into a day-long slog.

If you are moving to Colorado, you will have many options to get in shape. Colorado is among the fitdistest states in the nation. The state has something for most anyone; from 14,000-foot peaks that will challenge the best of climbers, to a ski season that can run from October to July.

The state is an outdoor lover’s paradise. But Colorado’s urban areas are just as welcoming and vibrant. Whether you’re an outdoor adventurer who lives for double-diamond ski runs, or a aficionado of craft beers, Colorado has you covered.

Colorado is often called “the Switzerland of America,” because the state is home to 58 14,000 foot mountain peaks.

When moving to Colorado, consider the time of year. Winters can be hard at times, especially for those who live in the mountains. Snow, ice, wind and whiteouts on the highway can make for a nervous cross country move, especially for those not familiar with icy roads, blizzards and the occasional avalanche.

The cost of living in Colorado is not cheap. Housing prices have risen steadily with home prices in Denver average over $350,000.  Rents are also high.

Incomes are higher here than in most states with the median household salary well above the national average.

As for healthcare, Colorado ranks among the top ten in the nation.

The weather in Colorado can change by the hour. Locals, or longtime residents will often say that if you don’t like the weather in Colorado, wait 15 minutes.

It’s almost always sunny in Colorado. The state receives over 300 days of sunshine each year.

In terms of politics, Colorado is a true purple state. Denver leans to the left, while the next largest population center in Colorado Springs is more conservative. Mountain communities like Aspen are more progressive than the state’s agricultural centers on the Western Slope or the eastern plains.

Colorado is cannabis friendly. The state allows adults to grow and possess marijuana for medical and recreational use. It’s common to detect the scent of cannabis as you stroll through any decent sized town.  If you want to partake, check the laws of your new community before you inhale.

If you have questions about your upcoming move, or seek advice on relocating to Denver or Colorado Springs let Buehler help guide your process.

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