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How To Make Your Move Easier

Unless you belong to a nomadic tribe, moving is going to be a stressful event. Some research indicates that moving can be as stressful as losing a loved one. So, accept the tension and worry that will come, but also consider ways to make your move easier.

Planning, please

The first step needed to make any move easier involves preparation. That means you must make a moving plan. Decide what is coming along for the new adventure and what is being given away, sold or left behind.

Pack your essentials box first to make moving easier

We all have items that we consider essential. So be sure to put that important stuff together in your most important box.  This box can contain reading glasses, medications, toilet paper, etc. This is your go-to box for daily stuff. Be sure to always mark this box, as well as every box you pack. You will want to make sure you know what is inside of every box before the movers arrive.

Do not pack what you don’t want to lose

One of the most basic tips to help make a move easier is this: keep the things you don’t want to lose with you, not on the moving van. Movers are human and things can get lost or broken during a move. If you have vital papers, or heirlooms, put them in a box that you will take with you. Better safe than sorry. Write down on the outside of the box just what is inside. Or keep some type of corresponding database to help you quickly fine which box contains your dog’s favorite chew toy.

Take photos or videos of your stuff

When working to make a move easy, take the time to keep a digital record of your move. This is very important if you are taking apart furniture. The record will keep track of what is packed, but also how you will put everything together at the end of the move. This level of record keeping will also help track anything that might go missing in a move.

Good boxes are worth the cost of making your move easier

Do not trust your heirlooms to old liquor or grocery boxes. Old boxes can be fragile and stained. Yes, they are cheaper, but you always get what you pay for. No need to low-ball on boxes. You are going to pack them with about 30 pounds of items each, so be sure they can handle the job. Get good packing tape to reinforce all the edges and corners. Consider using different colored packing tape to help identify the boxes.

Don’t forget to notify the post office about your move

Be sure to put in a change of address form at your local post office. That’s the best way to make sure your mail gets to where you are going. And get all your papers in order with the new address once you have arrived. Will you need an updated driver’s license? If so, take a trip to the new DMV and get it done.

TV, Cable, Internet

Contact your cable/TV and Internet provider in advance to see if they can help with the transition.

Research your mover

As mentioned above, you get what you pay for. Don’t trust just anyone to move your home. Take the time to research any company you hire for any move. Not all companies are the same. Our company, Buehler Companies, is proudly listed on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) as an A+ rated company. Buehler is part of the American Moving & Storage Association also known as “Pro Mover.” And we are members in the Commercial Relocation Network, an organization made up of the most successful office and industrial relocation companies in the country.

One of the best ways to make a move easier involves finding the right moving company. Be sure to always obtain several bids. Don’t just go for the low-ball offer. Always look into the background of each company you might hire. Check out the company’s office and trucks. Research the company’s reviews and never pay anything in advance.

Finally, review the moving company’s contract in detail. You do not want any surprises when it comes time to unload the truck and arrange your new home.

If you have questions about making your move easier, or seek advice on moving to Denver, Colorado Springs, Ft. Worth or Albuquerque, let Buehler help guide your process.

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