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Are You Supposed To Tip Movers?

Are You Supposed to Top Movers? To tip or not to tip movers, that is always the question when it comes to service industry work.

It’s a challenging call, because on the one hand, if your movers are pros, you will want to reward a job well done. But, moves can be expensive and you likely need all the cash you have.

When considering to tip movers, you should judge all rewards on the service you received.

Things to consider before you decide to tip movers

As with all service work, your tip should be based on the quality of the work. Ask yourself if your movers were on time, nice, friendly, and professional. Did they perform all their duties to a high level? Did they go beyond what was expected? Did the movers treat your property with respect? Did everything arrive without any damage?

You might want to let the movers know in advance that they can expect a nice tip if everything goes well. Then again, you can always keep the tipping issue to yourself until the move is complete.

If the move was not up to your expectations, or if items were damaged or lost and if the movers were rude, then you have no need to offer anything.

Ultimately, the decision to tip your movers is up to you. Everyone likes a reward, especially if your mover hauled your furniture up three flights of stairs or went beyond the call of duty.

If you do tip, there is no need to follow the 15 to 20 percent level that is expected in restaurants. If you do that, you might need a tip yourself to pay the rent. Instead, toss in an extra $5 per hour per moving team member. If the move is just a day job, toss in an extra $30 to $40 per mover. Consider tipping more if the effort was outstanding. Remember to tip each mover individually.

Obviously, don’t offer tips until the move is complete and you have made sure all your items have arrived safely.

If you don’t feel right about tipping movers with cash, consider buying the team lunch or dinner. Just don’t spring for any beer. Keep things very professional. Offer a nice meal, or cash, nothing else.

If you have questions about tipping, or seek advice on moving to Denver, Colorado Springs, Ft. Worth or Albuquerque, let Buehler help guide your process.

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