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Tips on Moving an Office

Moving an office to a new location, be that across town, or the country, can be as time consuming as transporting your household belongings to a new residence.

An office, much like a home, will contain bulky items like computers, copiers, and furnishings. But unlike a home move, an office relocation is extra important, because when your office is off-line, your business is not operating at full speed. Less business means lower cash flow, and no one wants their company to hit a speed bump.

Here are some tips to make the transition from office A to office B stress free.

Get organized early

Never put off to tomorrow that you can do today. That’s a simple plan that helps with just about everything in life. This is task one for any move. Don’t think you can just wing an office move on the fly.

Start the planning, packaging, labeling early. Moves of this nature can take weeks, if not months, so plan everything out well in advance. Do that and you are off to a strong start.

Put someone in charge of moving an office

Hopefully, your entire staff is psyched to move into a new office. If so, everyone on the team can be involved. That means your staff should be responsible for packing up and labeling their own office materials. Beyond that, it’s smart to assign someone to overseeing the move. Find out if any members of your staff have undergone an office move in the past. If so, you have found a team leader who can help the moving process without confusion or hassle.

The IT issues

Take a moment and outline how to disconnect and re-establish all your computers, serves, phones and other IT materials from office A to office B. Think about donating or recycling some of the IT items you do not need. Your IT network is vital, so be sure to plan this process with great detail. Don’t just let the movers haul off your computers and servers. Have a plan and follow that plan.

Pack up all computers in a safe manner. Use wrapping paper or blankets to protect the screens. When in doubt, check with the manufacturer on how to correctly move and store computers and copiers, and your movers can help with this too.

Keep all computer cables in a separate package. Put these cables in clear zip bags and label the bags.

Find a reliable and quality moving company

Your office is the lifeblood of your financial world, so don’t put the nest egg in the hands of an inexperienced or poorly rated moving company. The last thing you need is an outfit that won’t show up on time, or deliver your office equipment days, or weeks behind schedule.

Take the time to research and review any moving company you want to hire. Are they backed by the local BBB? Do they have an actual office and moving vans with a company name? Do they have a landline phone? When you call them, do they act and sound professional?

This is a place to do your homework. Ask considered moving companies about their office moving process. Do they have experience in this type of move? Moving an office with computer equipment? If so, ask them for any additional advice to help you with the transition.

Make sure any company you hire is licenses and insured. Contact us to receive a free quote.

Extra Insurance

It does not hurt to look into getting extra insurance for any move. This is especially important if you are hiring a rental truck and handling the office move on your own. Speak with your insurance company to see if they can extend a bit of extra protection to cover any damage that might come from an office relocation.

Create a masterplan and checklist

Create a list to cover every part of the move. This should include all tasks needed to prepare for the move, the need for any permits required for the move, and the creation of a design plan to make sure all your office items will fit in the new space. Proper planning should include a sketch or diagram as to where all the office items will be placed in the new location.

Have a party

Hopefully, the office move has gone off without a hitch. If so, it’s time to celebrate with your entire team. Throw a party to honor the new space and start your new office success on a positive note. Invite customers too!

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