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Break the Pack Rat Habit Before You Move

Are you a pack rat or a minimalist? No matter what the case, we all have stuff we don’t use, don’t want and don’t need.

It’s exciting to venture off to a new job in a new town, but do you want to haul all your old junk into a new world, life and adventure?

This is clearly the best time to purge your home of items you can left behind.

Here are a few things to consider when facing a pack rat purge:

Will your old furniture fit in your new home? Take time to measure what you have and see if it fits.

Will your old stuff complement the décor of your new place?

Do you have items you have not used in a year? If so, maybe those items are best left behind, given away, donated, given to another pack rat, or sold at a garage sale.

Ask yourself if that out-of-tune piano that no one has touched in years is worth the cost of a move.

Declutter each and every room before you start the packing process.


The kitchen is a great place to purge. How many blenders, bread makers or salad spinners do you need? Are they old, or new? Are they damaged? Do they even work? Same goes for old dishes, chipped coffee mugs, or pots and pans that are scarred or damaged.


Books and old CDs.

A wall full of books might look impressive, but do you really need to keep all of them? Same goes for that huge CD collecting you amassed in the 1990s. I know, you long for the days of Fog Hat, and Bad Company, but downloading music and placing it all on a computer or hard drive takes up a lot less space.



Take a moment to consider the cost and benefits of selling an old stove verses the expense of moving it and getting something new. Appliances are heavy and costly to move. Don’t haul something unless you know you need it.


Bathroom stuff

How old are your bathroom towels, or bathroom mats, or soaps and lotions? Do you really want that ancient soap dish?



Is your closet stuffed with linens you have not seen since your last move, pack rat? Is your wardrobe a mess of shirts, pants and dresses not worn since high school?

If you have not worn an outfit in over a year, it’s likely you will never wear it.

Let go of stuff that weighs you down. Pass it along to a charity, or a friend. You don’t need it.

Cleansing is good. You’ll feel lighter, brighter and better.

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