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Tips on Moving Out of Your Parent’s Home

Congratulations, you have decided to fly the coop, learn to do your own laundry and live parent free.

Welcome to adulthood. And while moving out of your family home for the first time came be exciting and scary, there are tips and sound advice to consider before you break away.


Tips to ponder before you leave the nest:

Finances and budgets.

You might be used to having mom and dad handle all the bills. But when you fly the coop,  you are the one in charge of spending. Time for a deep dive into the cost of an apartment, groceries, clothing and unexpected things like fixing a leaky faucet in your new home..

Unless you’re well off, you will need to create a realistic budget for your independent life. Rule one: live within your means. Financial planners often recommend spending no more than 25 percent of your budget on rent or a mortgage. That’s a pretty easy calculation to determine. Look at your paycheck and calculate what you need.

Roommates will cut down on the cost of living. Think about taking that step.

Setting up your new home

Setting up a new house can be a challenge. You will need a bed, couches, chairs, kitchen items, and something to put on the walls to make the new home look better than a dorm.

Here’s a fast list of should have items on your new home:


Get a mattress and box spring, pillows, blankets, sheets. If you’re lucky, Mom and Dad will have lots of extra items to help you. If not, consider thrift store shopping, garage sales or good old Craigslist.

Got Tools?

If not, you better get busy. That old table won’t build itself. Best obtain screwdrivers – flatheads and a Phillips screwdriver. Make sure you know the difference.

You can’t have enough nails, or hooks, step stools to set up your new pad.

Bathroom Stuff

You will need shower curtains, bathroom mats, towels, and toilet paper.

Cleaning Supplies

Unless your Mom is extremely nice or overprotective, house chores are now your responsibility. Stock up on cleaners, paper towels, toilet scrubbers, sponges, and laundry detergent. Also, take time to understand the need to separate whites from colors during laundry time.

Kitchen Items

You are now on your own, and that means you must not only learn to prepare your own means, but you will need things like pots and pans, utensils, cups, mugs, glasses, and plates. A trash can.

The basics should include, cereal bowls, pots and pans, cookie sheets, toaster, microwave oven, and storage containers.


 Unless you are into sitting on the floor, your will need some standard furniture to make your new place feel like home. Here is a short list of must haves for the new freedom pad.

  • A comfortable couch.
  • A nice coffee table.
  • Some lights.
  • TV.
  • House plants.
  • Art and decorations.

Bedroom Items

  • A comfortable bed.
  • Sheets.
  • Pillows.
  • A full-length mirror.
  • Bedside table and lamp.
  • Laundry hamper.

Renter’s Insurance

Again, you are now an independent adult. Your possessions has value. That means you should consider renter’s insurance just in case.

Good luck, young adult, you are now free to move about the country. But always remember with great freedom, comes great responsibility.