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Moving Checklist: Weeks Before You Move

Being prepared helps make moving less stressful. We recommend you start 6 to 8 weeks out from your move.

Book a Moving Company: Start by booking a moving company and arranging your moving date. Your moving company will help you throughout this entire process, that’s the Buehler Companies way.

Schedule Your Move Day: You’ve booked with your moving company, now make arrangements with your work, care for your children and pets, if you have any,

Sort and Purge: Moving is an opportunity to do a little spring cleaning. Sort and get rid of unwanted or unneeded items. Some items you might want to donate or give to friends and family. Other items you might need a junk removal service or take to a recycling service. Other items might be ready to put in the trash. And you might want to hold a garage sale. Take the opportunity to clean out those junk drawers too.

Use or donate items that you can’t pack or sell such as frozen foods, aerosol cans, or bleach. Recycle or dispose of corrosives, flammables, and poisonous items.

Knowing your goods: Check all of your furniture and note any scratches or dents. Take pictures of all of your electronics so you can remember how they are setup and have a guide when you are reconnecting them.

Moving fragile or special items: Items such as guns, fine art, pool tables, pianos require special handling to move. Consider if you are moving or driving your automobile(s). If you are moving your vehicle(s), clean everything out. Coordinate with your moving company on how to handle these items. At Buehler Companies, we are experts in handling specialty items.

Changing Schools: If you have children, contact their school. Let them know you are moving and get copies of your children’s school records. Find out about the school’s procedure for record-transfer. Identify and select your children’s new school, contact them too and setup the record transfer.

Turn Off & Turn On Services: Make a list of the services that you use at your current home that need to be turned off or moved such as electricity, phone, cable, internet, lawn service, to name a few, and notify your providers. Make a list of the services you will need at your new home, and setup new accounts requesting service installation. It’s good to do this early to avoid any unnecessary charges or service delays. Some services can be transferred too such as cable.

Make sure your list is comprehensive. Don’t forget items like gym memberships, yoga studios, lessons of any kind, if they are changing.

From Here to There: If you are moving out-of-state, consider how you (and loved ones moving with you) are getting to your new home? If you are driving, layout your trip and ensure your automobile is in shape for the drive. If you are using other transportation, book your tickets.

If you need hotels, temporary housing or are staying with friends, make arrangements and confirm the dates.

Cleaning: Often you need to clean your current home when you move out. Ensure you make time for this or book a service. For new your home, you’ll want to make sure it is move-in ready. Make time to clean it or arrange a service.

Moving Van Parking: Consider parking options for the moving van. Depending on where you live and where you are moving to, you may need to get a permit, or check in with management.

Returns: Return anything that you’ve rented or borrowed like library books, games rentals.

Pick-up: Pick up anything you have in a shop or being serviced such as clothes at a dry cleaner or seamstress. Don’t forget prescriptions.

Pets: Whether you are moving out of country or coming to the US, make sure you know what is needed and make arrangements for moving your pets. Often you need to make sure you have all necessary vaccinations, you’ll need to arrange transportation, and you may need to arrange temporary housing.

Now that you’ve completed your advance preparation, see our Moving Checklist: Move Day and a Week or So Before. Also, we appreciate moving can be stressful. See our ideas for Making Moving Fun.

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