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Making Moving Fun

Moving can be a lot of work and stressful. There are several ways to make moving fun. Here are a few ideas:

Keep the music playing. If you enjoy music, keep it playing while you are moving. Studies have shown that music has the ability to regulate a wide range of emotions. In fact, put together a playlist of your favorite songs, the ones that inspire you and make you happy. You might even want to sing and dance along throughout the day.

Hold a Moving Party. There are two types of moving parties. One where your guests help with the move and one where you are just celebrating.

If you are putting your guests to work, helping to pack and move, make sure you have food and beverage and that you take breaks throughout the day(s). Take time to sit and talk, play music and dance and sing. With a working Moving Party, be thoughtful of who you are inviting and keep the numbers manageable. Get organized in advance, defining who is going to do what. You’ll need to manage the day’s activities. If you invite someone and they can’t make it, don’t take it personal.

If you are hosting celebratory party with friends and family, if you can, host a month before you move. If you are moving a far distance, it’s a great way to bring everyone together to see them before you move, and affords you time to get together again. If you are moving close-by, it’s a great way to reinforce your relationships and share in the joy of the memories you’ve made together in your current home.

You will be very busy with getting prepared to move. Keep the party easy. A potluck can make it less work and so much more fun. When people are RSVPing, ask them to share move advice…something they’ve learned along the way so you can learn from them. You can call it, share a Move Do and a Move Don’t. if you don’t ask for it as part of the RSVP, you can have people share it at the party. Perhaps put out a book or sheet of paper they can write on.

And if you can, take a group picture as a keepsake.

Make Memories-Make Moving Fun. Leaving a home can be emotional. Take a few minutes to reflect on some of the best memories you’ve had in your home before you leave, and what you are looking forward to in your new home. If you have a family or friends you are moving with, come together and have a round robin sharing. Stand or sit in a circle, and have everyone (one at time) share a memory they will cherish from their time in the home what they are looking forward to in your new home.

After arriving at your new home and getting a bit settled, take a few minutes to put forward intentions on what you want your new home life to be like and the memories you want to make. Think about how at your new home you may create new traditions. For example, do you have more room for holiday decorations? Have you simplified your life? Are you closer to work and now have a shorter commute? If you are moving with family or friends, come together and stand or sit in a circle and share your intentions together. Share why you are excited about your new.

Get to Know Your New Home Community. A cool way to get to know your new surrounding is to organize a scavenger hunt.  Create a list of places to visit and things to find. Think of things you like to see and do, your hobbies, and your support needs to create your list. Here’s a starter list for you to consider:

  • Grocery Store
  • Dry Cleaners
  • Parks
  • Hiking Trails
  • Museums
  • Find 5 restaurants within 5 miles
  • Gas Station
  • Movie Theater
  • Gym/Yoga/CrossFit, etc.
  • Farmers Market
  • Shops
  • Sports Arenas
  •  All of the things you like to see

If you have moved with others, make it a fun competition with a simple reward at the end, e.g., ice cream, a pizza dinner, a 6 pack or a bottle of wine. Also, the hunt can go on for days. You might make it a 1st month scavenger hunt with weekly check-ins where everyone shares something they “found” that was awesome.

Taking Care of You: Moving is work. But making moving fun can help. Once you’ve settled in, pamper yourself. You’ve earned it.

Treat yourself to a massage or facial, or take time to do something you love…extra time at the gym, a bike ride, a special dinner out, or spend a day relaxing and binge watching a show or reading a book. Whatever it is, give yourself a break.

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