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Why Choosing A Small Moving Company Can Actually Cost You More Money With Less Quality!

It’s pretty simple to think that choosing a smaller moving company means that you are going to get a better rate on moving services. Many people are concerned about the expense of moving. They want a good service provider with good insurance options and a company that has a lot of quality, but they don’t want it to break the bank either.

I have been in this industry for 15 years and you would be surprised how many times that I have heard “Wow! Your prices are better than the smaller moving companies” why is that?

Well, one thing that consumers should remember is that just because a small moving company is associated with a big brand name like United Van Lines or Mayflower Transit, doesn’t actually mean that they are not a small moving company.

Most movers are “agents” of a van line. Agents are a network of small moving companies that all work together for the better good of servicing your move. There are 4 intricate parts to moving and I am going to break down each one for you.

The Booking Agent – The booking agent is the agent of the van line (moving company) that actually booked or sold you the move. This agent may or may not be the origin agent, hauling agent or the destination agent. The moving company that books your move only gets a small percentage of the actual money that you pay for your total moving services. The booking agent controls the customer service, coordination, tracking and servicing of all the moving parts and agents involved in your move.

The Origin Agent – The origin agent assumes responsibility of packing, protecting the shipment at the origin location and they are a local based company that is right in your area of the home that you are moving out of. This agent takes care of everything at the starting point. If you need cartons, they will deliver them from the local moving company.

The Hauling Agent – Once your order is registered into the system, all of the long distance dispatchers all over America look at it to see where the nearest driver is that has enough room for your items and is headed in the direction of which you are going. The hauling agent is a small moving company that has a  interstate long haul driver. The driver will pick up your shipment within the loading time frame and make the delivery to final destination.

The Destination Agent – Sometimes a small moving company is hired to unpack and remove cartons from your home or perhaps you would even like maid service. The destination agent is a small moving company within the network that will provide this service at the final destination.

All of these various entities work within the same network and invoice the network to produce one final bill for you final moving expense. All of these small moving companies are paid a percentage of the total amount of money that you spent on your move.

So now that I have explained the process to you, it’s pretty simple to realize  that even though these large brand name moving companies associated with a big brand name van lines seem HUGE, they are actually all small moving companies that are just trying to earn your business.

So the moral of the story, get quotes from any moving company. Try out the bigger ones as well as the smaller ones because you may be surprised if their rates are lower than the small “mom and pop” moving companies.

They also have better insurance, more detailed background and drug testing on moving crews, they provide more jobs to the local public and are less likely to be a scam or rouge mover that is just out for your money.

Hope this helps in your research on finding the right moving company for your move!

We want to help you to have a better move, so feel free to contact us if you have any questions at all.

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