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Household Items You Didn’t Know You Were Packing Incorrectly

You would be surprised at how many people actually pack their household items the wrong way when they are moving. Packing household items the incorrect way can cause damage, and make items a lot harder to move. This is why I have composed a list of packing tips that will help you to properly package certain items in your home. If you have questions about packing certain items that aren’t on this list, just give us a call and we will be glad to talk to you.

Tips for Packing Household Items

Washing Machines and Dryers – Most people don’t know that they should have their washer and dryer serviced the day prior to their move. The washer needs to be drained of excess water so that it is not as heavy to lift and move. Also, the inside of your washing machine has a drum that needs to be secured prior to moving. If it’s not properly secured, then the drum can actually get damaged and the spin cycle on the machine may no longer work. We have a tip for those of you who cannot afford to pay a moving company to service your appliances. Completely drain the hoses in the washer and fill the drum with a large comforter to keep it in place if you are moving it yourself.

As for the dryer, it depends if it is electric or a gas dryer. As always with gas, we highly recommend only using a professional to disconnect it. A hint for electric dryers is to check the cord prongs and be sure that the plug will actually work in your new home. If it can’t, there is a way to simply change the cord to the machine rather than having to buy a new dryer for the new home. We can have a company come out to do this for you at a reasonable cost if you are not a handy man.

Books – Most people don’t realize that books seem lightweight, but when you put them all into a box, they can get extremely heavy. We recommend packing blankets, pillows, linens and lightweight items into larger boxes and packing books into smaller cartons. This will make them easier to carry and you won’t break your back.

Refrigerators – Some refrigerators have ice makers which should properly be disconnected prior to moving. The water line needs to be drained and capped off so that you do not experience a terrible leak and possible property damage later on. We can help you to have your refrigerator disconnected and drained at a really decent cost or you can hire a professional yourself. Also, a great idea to keep your refrigerator smelling nice and clean while it’s being moved is to take a coffee filter, fill it with coffee and tie it off. When you place it into the fridge, it will help to eliminate foul smells and keep the air inside the fridge from getting stale while it is being moved. And never forget that you cannot lay a refrigerator down while in transit. All refrigerators must be moved standing upright.

Fine China and Breakables – It’s already scary enough to have to move your fine china and breakable items. Starting with plates, a great idea is to buy paper plates to put in between the plates prior to wrapping them. This gives the plates just another layer of protection. Always remember to pack glass items as tight as possible so there isn’t shifting in the boxes that can cause damage. If you have really breakable vases or glassware, you may even want to look at getting some micro foam to wrap those items in. Micro foam works very well and can save you a lot of money by protecting your rare and valuable glassware.

Grandfather Clocks – We have talked about this before, but why not bring it up again in case you missed it?! A long time ago in our industry, we used to require that all Grandfather Clocks were crated. While this is still true if you are moving across the country, it may not pertain to you if you are moving down the road. With new technology and new carton options, we now have Grandfather Clock boxes that work very well at protecting your grandfather clock during the move. You don’t have to pay additional money to crate your clock. We still recommend that you have the pendulums removed and packed separately than the clock. We also recommend micro foam wrapping on the glass edges if your clock has them.

Jewelry and Coin Collections – When it comes to your expensive jewelry, we always recommend that you move it yourself. A lot of jewelry is priceless and sentimental and yours is probably no exception. If you do have to pack it, I recommend that you pack it into a lock box where the keys are only available to you. Same with coin collections or any other type of collectible item that you do not want to get lost.

Packing your Kitchen – There are a lot of items in your kitchen that you may not have the original cartons for. Cartons come in many shapes and sizes, but we always recommend that you use dish packs. Dish packs are double cardboard boxes that work really well for kitchen items and they can hold a really good amount of items in them. They are strong and durable and really make packing your kitchen easy. As always, we recommend that you use white packing paper instead of newspaper as it can leave ink marks on your dishes and they will have to be rewashed again at destination. Always keep your knives in a plastic container so they do not puncture a box and hurt anyone during the moving process.

Guns and Ammunition – While most people choose to move their own guns and, we do offer to move them as long as certain information is obtained prior to packing  or moving them. Unfortunately, we cannot move ammunition. Most gun owners have cases for their guns, but if you do not and you would like to know how to properly package them for transport, you can feel free to give us a call. Packing guns vastly depends on the type, make and model of the firearm to better understand the needs of that particular item.

Artwork and Mirrors – It’s something that a lot of people don’t consider until the last minute, but moving mirrors (especially large mirrors) and artwork (especially high value artwork) should always be considered in your move and pre-planned. We recommend using mirror cartons for artwork and glass and these nifty cartons fit almost any size. They offer extra double cardboard protection as well as protecting the corners of your mirrors. If you have a really large mirror and you are moving across the country or across the state, we may recommend crating it depending on the value and size. Mirror cartons can save you a lot of money on crating.

High Value Items and Electronics – Did you get one of those giant flat screen TV’s recently? They look great mounted on your wall! Did you keep the original carton that it came in? Most people don’t. So if you need to pack one of these, then ask us about our TV cartons! These really make moving your flat screen easy. We also have cartons for other electronics, DVD players, speakers and much more. We recommend using anti static bubble wrap and/or shrink wrap when you are prepping these types of items to be moved. Static is not good for electronics and can possibly cause damage.

Lawnmowers – Moving Companies can move lawnmowers of any shape or size. We actually just recommend that you take the gasoline and oil out of them so they do not leak fluid or combust. Once that is done, they are basically prepared to be moved. Of course, if you have a grass catcher, you may want to empty it first.

BBQ Grills – Most people own them and when you are in a mad rush to start packing your house; BBQ grills are often left in the dark until it’s too late. You will want to clean out your grill and make arrangements for transport of the propane tank. Most Moving Companies will not transport the propane.

Printers – Did you know that if you forget to remove the toner out of your printer that it can ruin the internal components of the machine? Be sure to remove the toner before you move your printer.

Leather Couches and Chairs – Did you know that because leather is made out of hide that it actually breathes? That being said, you shouldn’t wrap your leather furniture in shrink wrap without padding it first. If your moving company does not put pads around your leather items, stop them immediately. Your leather can sweat under the plastic and the moisture can ruin your beautiful leather furniture.

Parts Box – One of the most useful ideas to utilize when you are packing your home is a parts box. This box should be clearly marked so it can be easily identified. In this box you should put your TV remotes, cables, phone cords, parts to bookshelves, cabinets, etc… This way all of your parts are all in one place for an easier assembly at a later time.

Clothing – This may sound crazy, but you can save money on wardrobe boxes by gathering the clothes and using trash bags to tie the hung clothes together at the top of the hangers. Otherwise, wardrobe cartons can definitely be provided for easy moving.

Mattresses – Protect your mattress! We have either mattress boxes or mattress bags. These really help to keep your mattress clean while you are moving.

There are many additional useful ideas and tips on our Google+ Page.

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