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Questions to Ask Moving Companies

A long time ago Moving Companies used to do everything by hand. All moving company estimates and quotes were hand written and Federal Guidelines came in the form of a giant book that we would have to waft through to find pricing in certain states and areas. A lot has changed since then.

Questions That You Should Ask Your Moving Company BEFORE you move

I have been in the industry for 14 years. I go back to the time when the interstate Tariff for moving companies was 400M and you could discount up to a certain percent off the numbers. There was a time when every Moving Company had to charge for stair carry’s and long carries and your sales person would be at your house measuring the sidewalk.

It’s amazing to say in the least how far we have come in the moving industry. Here are some tools that are available for the moving industry and if your moving company isn’t using these tools, then they are not at the top of the technology world and your items may be at risk if left under their care.

One of the key things that you should be asking your moving company is about their warehousing system. How do they take inventory? How do they manage locating your items within the warehouse? What precautions are they taking to avoid losing your items? Here at Buehler Companies, we have a barcode inventory system where all items are scanned into inventory using barcodes. This way we can locate anything in the warehouse from our desks.

Your moving company should explain how they inventory and check off items using a Bingo Sheet. If they are not using a Bingo Sheet or they do not know what it is, then you will have a big problem trying to find certain items within the storage vaults.

Another key tool that your moving company should be using is the Rights and Responsibilities When You Move booklet. This booklet is required by Federal law for all moving companies to provide to you before your move. If your moving company cannot provide this to you, then you may have a rouge mover on your hands and we definitely recommend walking slowly away from them.

We know that moving is already stressful enough and your time is valuable. You shouldn’t have to research everything about your moving company. That’s why we have and you can read the experiences that real customers have had with moving companies.

Your Moving Company should have GPS or Skybitz. This system tracks drivers around the world. Utilizing the Skybitz system means that we know where your driver is at all times. This also helps to track estimated times of arrival for delivery and much more. Always be sure to check with your moving company about their tracking system for their drivers.

These are just some of the things that can get you on track to choosing a reputable moving company for your move. You can always contact us if you have any questions and we will be glad to help!


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