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Packing kitchen items can be difficult. Here are some tips and hints on packing your kitchen!

Did you know that in most cases, packing kitchen items is typically the most difficult part of packing your home? Most people don’t realize that they have so many dishes and kitchen appliances that are odd shaped, bulky and hard to figure out what to do with.

Do you want to know how to manage packing your kitchen? We can help!

There are a lot of packing solutions that we can provide as well as tips for certain items, so I went ahead and picked some items in a random search to talk about today.

Hopefully this will help you with some of your packing questions, but if you have further questions, please feel free to contact us.

Let’s start with some odd shaped items. Like this handy dandy Kitchen Aid Mixer!


Man this thing is a monster and made Mom’s day when she opened it at Christmas! It does everything and the cookies that this sucker produces are out of control delicious!!!

Now, packing and moving it without the original box!! What a headache right??!!???

Nah, we have this under control. We recommend that you use a 3.0 carton and pack this monster upright with non inked professional packing paper securely in the bowl. Be sure that you use a lot of paper on the inside because the tighter you pack it the less likely there will be damage to it during the move.

What about these knives!???!!?


Everyone has them in their kitchen. They are a required tool and necessary. Now what do you do about these sharp utensils?

Well, it seems easy enough to just toss them into a random box right? Wrong!

These sharp items can puncture a carton and stab a mover or your best friend… whoever is carrying the box at the time when the knife suddenly plunges through it!

Let’s think a little safer with these guys and put them into a plastic tote along with scissors or any other potentially deadly objects that you might have lying around.

Also, see our tip below on using your breadbox!

Now… not all of us drink coffee, but the 99 percent of the rest of us that do, have one of these!


Or even better yet, who has one of these bad boys!!???! (Wish I did) and how the heck do you pack that?


Well, the first order of business is to make sure there isn’t any water or coffee in them and you would be surprised how many people don’t check that before packing their coffee machines.

The coffee and water can get stuck in parts and pieces of the machines and completely destroy them during a move. So once you have that accomplished, then you will want to be sure that you use a lot of packing paper (we recommend professional packing paper because newsprint can leave ink spots on your items especially if they are going into long term storage or something like that)

Wrap the glass completely separate from the machine and fill it with as much paper as possible. One of the biggest mistakes that people make is that they don’t use enough paper on the inside or the outside of the glass.

We also advise that you pack these types of items into a double cardboard carton such as a dish pack and that you keep all glass pieces at the top of that box.

Here is an example of a dish pack.


These cartons are a lot thinker than normal cartons and they stand roughly 4 feet high. Pack the entire carton as tight as possible to avoid damages.

Also, it never hurts to put a giant red arrow on the box to tell everyone what side up it should be at all times. Pots and pans that are less likely to get broken should be placed into the dish pack first.

Now which one of you has one of these?


Don’t worry; I won’t invade your house on Thanksgiving!

Well, maybe I will… Anyway, great for Turkey, right? And if you don’t have one, then you should definitely get one because these bad boys make the best bird! Okay, now I’m getting hungry and off topic.

As great as it is to have one of these, how do you pack it before moving? Well it’s actually a lot easier than you may think! Make sure it’s completely cleaned out because grease is not something that you want to deal with when it comes time to unpack!

Disconnect the propane tank and set that in a place where you can move it yourself (your moving company will not move flammable items like propane, so plan to haul all of the explosives yourself) preferably in a non-smoking vehicle J

Disconnect the entire thing and disassemble it as much as possible and keep a plastic bag handy for loose bolts and screws. Tape the bag of loose bolts and screws to the inside of the cooker as well as the propane tubing, and then stuff it with packing paper. Tape the lid closed when complete. This prevents the accessories from getting lost and keeps them with the fryer. We recommend using professional packing tape so it won’t leave a sticky residue on the item. An alternative to tape would be to use shrink wrap or even regular handy wrap to seal it with.

Depending on the size of the fryer, we recommend using anywhere between a 3.5 to a 4.5 carton to pack this item in. Of course, you would use a lot of non-printed professional packing paper.

Once you place the fryer into the carton, use a blanket to wrap around it. This allows you to fill up the box, keep it light to carry, protect the item and hey, you even packed a blanket in the process of it all!

Want to know a moving tip that will knock your socks off???? Oh yeah, I’m on a roll today!

If you have a breadbox, like this:


Don’t leave it empty!!! Carefully wrap your deadly weapons such as steak knives, pokers, ice chipping tools, silverware and any other inanimate sharp objects from your kitchen into a towel and put tem into the breadbox! YAY! Everyone is safe and you packed some towels too!

Oh, I’m not done! Did you know that crock-pots have more use than a fine roast that cooked itself all day???


Why yes they do! Take all of the smaller glass items like shot glasses, glass measuring cups, and any little glass kitchen trinkets that you have and wrap each individually with professional non-inked packing paper and pack them into the crock-pot!

Pack them as tight as possible and wrap the whole thing with shrink wrap or Saran wrap. Who would have thought that this stuff would come so handy for your move?


Now, I am not a professional cookie maker or anything, but I still have tons of these baking sheets in my kitchen.


These are flat and easy to pack so why am I bringing them up? Because there is another use for them that’s why!

You can use these on the inside lining of the boxes for extra protection to your dishes! Wrap them and use them on the outer edges to keep everything else a little safer.

Do you have a miniature fridge? Save some space and a box! Thaw the fridge out completely a couple of nights before your move and clean it out. Then, remove the shelving to make space inside the fridge. Wrap the shelving pieces using extra linens and towels and fill it up with as many types of linen that you can.


Pillow cases, sheets, etc… use lighter items and not heavy items. Once full, shrink wrap or tape closed with professional packing tape. You just saved a box and packed some more stuff. Easy as pie!

We have many more packing tips and resources  for you. And of course, if you have a particular item that you would like to talk about, then call us at 303-388-4000 or feel free to shoot us an email at

We are here to help and save our customers money on their packing needs.

Also, if your items are going to go into storage, check out our storage options page to see the storage choices that can save you money. Packing for long term storage is a lot more detailed than packing for a basic move. Or you can read up on our blog about storage options.

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