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Do-It-Yourself Packing Tips – Save Money by packing yourself!

Do-It-Yourself Packing Tips

Want to save money on packing? Here are some hints and packing tips to ensure that your items arrive safely at the destination. We prepared this guide especially for our customers who want to save a few dollars, but also want to make sure that their items arrive in the same condition at destination as they were at origin.  Below, we will share some of the techniques that the professional packing crews use. We are letting the secret out!


You can pack as many items that you would like or you can have your moving company pack for you, every box packed is another dollar saved. Before you get started, here are some general suggestions to aid you and make your packing process a little bit easier.

  • Plan how you will pack your items. Always pack the items that you do not use that often first.
  • Do not make the boxes too heavy. Try to limit the weight to approximately 50 lbs per box to make handling a lot easier.
  • Do not pack flammable items such as aerosol sprays, fuels, nail polish or lighter fluid.
  • Use a generous amount of packing paper inside the box on the top and the bottom to provide a good cushion on the most strained parts of the box.
  • Separate breakable items from the non breakable items and pack as tight as possible to avoid movement within the cartons.
  • List the contents of the box clearly on the outside – This is an especially good thing to do with the fragile items so they do not get loaded on the bottom of other boxes.
  • Use clean paper and not printed on paper to wrap and protect items.
  • Indicate which boxes that you will need right away and write “Open First” on these so that you know  which boxes contain items that you are going to need right away.
  • Use professional packing tape as masking tape isn’t strong enough to support fully packed cartons.
  • Try to pack items that are in the same rooms together for an easier unpacking process at destination.


Start With the Basics

  • Start with out of season items and items that you do not use frequently. Leave the items that you will need last up until moving day.
  • Empty drawers of anything that can break or spill. You can keep blankets, sweaters and software in the drawers.
  • Pack similar items together. Keep hardware to all items in plastic bags clearly marked to which items they go to and then pack them all in the same box. Mark this box clearly as “PARTS BOX”
  • Wind electrical cords and fasten them so they do not tangle. Always pack the heavy items at the bottom of the cartons and then pack the lighter items on the top.
  • As each layer is completed, fill in empty spaces within the box firmly with crushed paper to make a level base for the next layer of items or you can use cardboard as dividers.
  • Seal your cartons tight with packing tape.
  • Indicate what room the boxes will be going into and label accordingly.
  • Pack shoes into original shoe boxes or wrap them individually to prevent damage and/or scuffing.
  • Do not pack your dishes flat. Pack them with the eating side facing the outer part of the carton. This allows space for the carton to absorb shock.
  • Do not lay pictures or mirrors flat into cartons. They are safer to be packed standing upright within a carton.
  • When you unpack electrical appliances and stereo’s, be sure to unplug them and allow them to cool down prior to packing.

Hopefully these tips will answer some of your questions about packing. Feel free to call us at 303-388-4000 and we will gladly answer any additional questions that you might have. Happy Packing!

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