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Getting your deposit back – Tips and hints to help you get your deposit back when you move

Tips and Hints – Getting your deposit back

Moving is already stressful enough as it is. I have spent the weekend packing my own personal house and even though I move everyday by being in the business, it’s a whole different ballgame to move myself.

As I packed my items, thoughts of some of our customers came to mind and how I could potentially help them. Will I get my deposit back? So I decided to compile a checklist that may help you to be able to get your deposit back.

Although I cannot guarantee that anyone will actually get their deposit back, I can at least offer a basic checklist of things that you could do to try to get most of your money back.

 Landlords will always look for anything that they can charge you with in an effort to keep your money. Some of the things that we don’t think about can potentially be the excuse to charge you.

  1. Always clean the oven. For some reason, this is often overlooked and the cleaning fee is typically exorbitant for the work involved. (Don’t forget under the burners)
  2. Windows – No one ever thinks to clean the windows especially when you are rushed and trying to get moved, but the landlord will definitely think to charge you if they aren’t done.
  3. Under appliances – It’s not like you really feel like moving another piece of furniture after you just moved your entire house, but don’t be surprised when you get charged for it if they have to do it.
  4. Check the light fixtures – Missing or burnt out bulbs and dusty fixtures can cost you in the end.
  5. Don’t think the dishwasher needs work? Think again, clean the inside of it (especially the bottom) or a heavy outrageous fee will be deducted from your deposit.
  6. Be sure that your garbage disposal has been ran and turned on, toss an orange or lemon peel into it and run it after cleaning for a long lasting fragrance.
  7. Don’t leave any furniture or trash. Disposal fees can eat up your money faster than just making a run to the dump yourself.
  8. Shampoo the carpets. It’s always best to hire a professional so that you can show the receipt to the landlord.
  9. Take photos of the place after you are done. Protect yourself and be sure that you keep the photos just in case.
  10. Do a final walkthrough with the landlord personally. That way, if there are issues or items that need address, you will have a change to address them prior to them charging you.

These are some basics, hopefully they help you to save money in the end. Good luck with your move and I hope you get your deposit back!


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