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Should I Tip The Movers? Tipping Moving Company Workers

When to Tip the Movers

We hope that you are enjoying your Friday! It’s beautiful outside and the trucks are out and about. Our moving crews are working hard in the heat. Thanks for offering a glass of water to those men and women that are working hard to move you! Many people ask the simple question “Should I tip the movers?” and the answer is simple, they are out there to provide a service which you already paid for and if you feel that they have done an exceptional job and they are worthy of a tip, then go for it.

That being said… do not ever tip if a moving company says that you have too. You don’t.

Moving is a service just like any other service and if someone is giving you a good service and you feel like they deserve something more for their efforts, then that’s at your discretion. You do not have to tip anyone. To tip the movers is a courtesy for a job well done.

A glass of water always helps those hard workers to keep your move on track and everybody refreshed and working hard for you.

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Stay cool in this heat!


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